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  1. lp as expected is great. sleeve is split, but i stopped caring about having an immaculate collection awhile ago, decided to just enjoy the tunes instead of worrying about keeping things 'mint'. i can see why people would be upset though.
  2. kites


    loving the news! thought his satomi lp was cancelled after the long silence following the announcement..
  3. put this lp on today for the first time since I first spun it, and it really clicked. might just enjoy it more than his last, certainly one of my fav releases this year.
  4. Not so cheap if you live in the US. Last sample really doing it for me.
  5. Sounds really great and I would not expect any less from the man. Pre-ordering.
  6. This is really nice and strange timing, I just peeked at his discogs page yesterday and was dismayed to see nothing new (solo-wise) recently!
  7. kites

    Now Reading

    Finally got around to reading an Umberto Eco book, "Numero Zero". I was worried when I read it was his weakest novel, but it made for a nice afternoon read the other day. Just picked up "The Name of the Rose" and have begun to dig in.
  8. Boris never disappoints, after repeatedly missing them live time and time again I'll be seeing them in a few weeks, anticipation level very high!
  9. Saw this available for pre-order last month and somehow forgot about it, Bill is great and more acid is always welcome!
  10. Beyond me why there isn't a 2cd version, but I'm fine with digital
  11. Out last week, surprised it has not been mentioned around these parts... "fuzzy dream jams that are ripe for the picking by everyone into the Trilogy Tapes, Mood Hut, and Modern Love sound" https://bleep.com/release/84720-patricia-several-shades-of-the-same-color
  12. kites

    Now Reading

    Mild spoilers. Murakami is hit or miss for me. I had trouble finishing the book, I felt the character development was handled very poorly. If a story has no development it can be frustrating, but his handling of Aomame was just strange. The strong person in the first two books just sort of vanishes and it becomes all about Tengo. I wouldn't put it past myself to have missed something, though.
  13. DMX Krew doesn't get enough love, the sample tracks sound really great! Pre-ordered.
  14. kites

    Now Reading

    Finally gotten around to reading a book by Italo Calvino (If on a Winter's Night a Traveler). I'm enjoying it but I feel like I probably could have picked a better book to start with
  15. RIP is much much further ahead of all the others for me. I felt like the tracks I dug on this record didn't have much longevity, but it might grow on me with time like many other albums, music is a funny thing
  16. when I saw Zwischenwelt in the title I almost thought it was the Gerald Donald (and co.) Rephlex project for a minute..
  17. Was quick to jump on this and paid a bit too much, but I need 5.1 colundi in my life, no regrets
  18. 1080p is almost always a no-brainer, wasn't big on perfume advert before but 'gown' is doing it for me
  19. didn't much care for his last album for whatever reason, but human om sounds p good
  20. almost believed it even though the art looked sketchy. not all bad news though, new plaid!
  21. last record was great, if a little bleak. good news!
  22. Pull My Hair Back was great, esp looking forward to this, drops may 13th!
  23. vapour trail is one of my favorite lone tracks in awhile, can't wait for this
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