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  1. Sorry, no. Not as familiar with that image as the Home Improvements promo photo. Did she also used to be played by Danny Glover or have I just got him on the brain now?! Light it up like the dutch when the hash melt.
  2. Dozens of Huge Changes to this Home Improvements promo photo. High concentration of Mandela residue / matrix glitches. For example, Tim Allen now has whole hand in pocket instead of thumb protruding over pocket edge as before. Also, neighbour character 'Bilson' no longer has a ban-the-bomb badge on his hat but instead has a distracting red trim in its place. Also it's now a fishing hat instead of a top hat. Bilson no longer played by Danny Glover and has changed to some white dude. What the heck! Notice anything? What do you 'member? There is a light that never goes out.
  3. Careful with your data, diatoms; I don't remember her with the lump but I also don't remember her without the lump. Never noticed either way. Even with you teasing it on here for an age, I never noticed it. Sort of suggests it's not a change and just a detail I never paid attention to.
  4. Yes, there are many Matrix effects that don't affect me The Biggest of All I remember Mandela dying in 2013, not in prison during the 80's like most people do that are affected That's why I never call it the mandela effect As long as you're Happy with what you remember What does it matter to anyone else? Trust your memories:) Do you remember Mona's fleshy nose lump? :) Be the Light that radiates unconditional Love and have Fun:) Reply in rhyming haiku stanzas with affection x Can't say I recall One lump or no lump at all Is such a thought fine? A way to keep score Is to count ones known before You saw them online Many effects served But how many you observed As the first in time? Or could it just be Mandela postings you see Persuade, shape the mind? Tell me how many Effects if that is any You arrived at blind? Or are they just all Like the brainwashing at school Second-hand devine? "What am I? Am I the bulb that carries the light, or am I the light of which the bulb is a vehicle?" -Joseph Campbell
  5. s'up diatoms. You ever see one of these Mandela effects and say to yourself 'nah, that one's always been like that for me'? Or have you passed through every possible alternate reality just long enough to notice how everything used to be, before ending up (permanently, presumably) in the one single version of reality where every Mandela effect has occurred but happens to be populated by a cross section of people, some of whom recognise some Mandela effects but not all, still more people who believe in no Mandela effects, and where none of the Mandela effects are completely proven and acknowledged by everyone? Soz if this already got answered upthread. I'm curious as to whether there is a subgroup of Mandela effect peeps who have experienced all the changes? Like you guys are the Mandela gods who have not only passed thru all realities but who also recognise all the changes. But only after they've been pointed out to you by someone else. Sorry everyone else for taking diatoms semi-seriously, calling him a type of god, and for using 'whom'.x
  6. they've bin there ages. Now we both should stop posting until a new page rolls or the spongebob/man-head avatar guy (sry don't member name) will get annoyed. red the rools. See you on 117 with new tracks hopefully.
  7. lol same! Been concentrating for like an hour now and no other new tracks. Obvs he means concentrate like as in fruit juice lol. We're always thirsty for more rich! Don't mean to take the pith; appreciate all the fruits of your labour.x
  8. The 'collapse' part isn't really that out there after a few listens though, is it? It's pretty tuneful compared to something like that bit in 54 cymru beats. The run of beats repeats after the duhhhhh.... duhhhh.... derrrrrrr..., which also repeats. Haha, I don't know how to describe music. On the general point, I'm lucky enough to like both ends of the spectrum. Lovely lush ambient repetitions, plinky plonk cute shit and the more abrasive, skittering non-repetitive stuff, it's all good. Plus I think if you listen to anything enough times so that you can anticipate and... sing(?!) along in your head then this increases the pleasure of listening. Even tracks from chrome cylinder box (are we allowed to talk about VS on here? lol) have been playing in my head like an earworm days after i've listened sometimes because I've come to know them so well. The early aphex albums put enough goodwill in the bank that I return to the releases until I like them. Basically I just brainwash myself into sincerely liking the new stuff, even if it doesn't grab me on the first few listens. Weird to think about it like that. I think this is what it's like to be a superfan of some group like U2 or something. Everyone else is going to hear the latest album and just shrug but you're going to listen on repeat until you love it.
  9. Apologies to that member who complains about people posting more than a couple of times per page. Will cease posting for a while. Hope I didn't break a rule (never ream 'em lol) Enjoy the unfolding events everyone!
  10. Must be all new because the collapse video didn't pass the higgs boson test for epilepsy. Although may contain particles of god. Might still be just the video cleaned up for public broadcast but hope it's more
  11. Yes, the beginning of T69 collapse sometimes has me singing in my head 'get me another tie, get me another shirt, get me another wooly. Everyyyyydayyyy.' Weird. Enjoying this EP. Especially 1st 44. Favourite track by far at this point. Whole EP sits nicely with end E2, MARCHROMT30a and umil 25-01.
  12. Bit disappointed about no new album (yet)? Me too. Even with Collapse EP, yeah? Yeah, yeah, entitled, whatever. Not that in love with T69 (yet) so decided to make (yet) another playlist from soundcloud tracks 28 organ epic medievil rave mk2 24 tsim 2 34 ibiza spliffs 14 cornish spreek5b [st. Nectan’s Glen Waterfalls mix] 8 glock+onion nightmail pretend analog extmix 2b 18 mello punchy 24 triple d Would be grinning ear to ear if I'd just preordered that on Bleep. Easy to take for granted this amazing gift of Soundcloud tracks he gave us for FREE! :) This is what I'm paying for when I buy the new stuff before i'm entirely convinced by it. Thanks again Rich!
  13. Sod this consumer capitalism limited edition bs, i ain't camping out for this new iphone. Watching the video on mute while listening to the hangable autobulb ep.
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