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  1. I don't feel like ultra-cringing so I'm not gonna go and look but I sure don't recall calling anybody any names or anything of the sort. In any case, if I actually did then I'm sorry. I was 19 and was trying to fit in.
  2. It's a shame, really. Sometimes this place feels like a bunch of white 13 year olds on Xbox Live. I wonder why…?
  3. I'm not necessarily even talking about piracy. The BitTorrent platform already allows you to legitimately sell files I believe, so that could be one way if enough artists/labels get involved. Thom Yorke already tried it out some years ago. I have no clue how big SLSK actually is but I can tell you you can find pretty much anything on there in lossless quality + artwork, etc. if you're willing to dig a little bit. That would be another way, even as a last resort.
  4. P2P/decentralisation seems to be the answer, no? Why rely on a single node to host the files when we can all collectively own them ourselves? We have access to more music on slsk than any other server based platform possible.
  5. I've been humming this thing all week and can't for the life of me find it again. It sounds really obvious but still can't figure it out. Might be Aphex or some other copy cat on Soundcloud, who knows?. I've tried my best to replicate the melody, it's a bit off but hopefully the rhythm of the notes is more helpful. Here it is: https://clyp.it/sn4vcyj2
  6. "Jeff Koons Balloon Party" is exactly the type of thing I've been into recently. Looking forward to whatever's coming.
  7. How does one murder humanely exactly?
  8. I went vegetarian first and then vegan after a year or so. I'd recommend doing that if you're not comfortable doing a 180 with your diet. Also, watch Earthlings if you haven't yet. Footage from that movie still pops up in my head whenever I see meat.
  9. You are all amateurs. I once INTENTIONALLY deleted about 500GB of music for the name of minimalism.
  10. Great, Bandcamp is awesome. I do hope it's not just a waste of money and it actually helps them grow as a legitimate platform for (mainstream) artists.
  11. Might as well make use of the thread and post some tracks since most of you are taking the piss.
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