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  1. How does one murder humanely exactly?
  2. I went vegetarian first and then vegan after a year or so. I'd recommend doing that if you're not comfortable doing a 180 with your diet. Also, watch Earthlings if you haven't yet. Footage from that movie still pops up in my head whenever I see meat.
  3. You are all amateurs. I once INTENTIONALLY deleted about 500GB of music for the name of minimalism.
  4. Great, Bandcamp is awesome. I do hope it's not just a waste of money and it actually helps them grow as a legitimate platform for (mainstream) artists.
  5. Might as well make use of the thread and post some tracks since most of you are taking the piss.
  6. Review sites, rateyourmusic, last.fm, radio...
  7. For so many techno listeners on this forum I'm actually surprised there isn't any active techno threads on here.
  8. Have yet to hear it. Thanks for the reminder. I was more asking about singles and DJ sets since that's the majority of the scene.
  9. I think this can be an interesting thread given we're on a forum dedicated to this very sort of thing. But I was curious to know whether you listened to much straight up Techno tracks and/or mixes at home and if you buy any of it. I'm not the party type and drugs put me off so going out dancing isn't particularly interesting to me but I'm into the music.
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