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  1. Maybe you didn't see but I explained how I made the whole track a few posts above. If you want me to go more into detail, that's no problem either. Anything in particular you would like to know about it? Oh, and thanks a lot!
  2. Thank you. No, unfortunately not. They're exclusive to Ableton, as is the case with most stock plugins probably. In any case, Redux is just a simple bitcrusher, you should get by with any free one or the one that probably comes with your DAW. Operator on the other hand is a little bit more special. It manly does FM but it's quite versatile in general. I haven't really used anything else in a while to be honest so I can't recommend anything, but FM8 was pretty awesome last time I used it. Actually, do you have any recommendations? The only third party synth I have is Serum
  3. One of the best boiler room sets to ever happen.
  4. That was pretty sweet. I like how the blast beat drums (is that what they're called?) and the frantic piano go together. Is the piano a sample or is it MIDI? I'm curious.
  5. Thanks! Yeah you know I was thinking about that. I don't have enough material yet but I'm working on that.
  6. Thank you!! I thought the poor mixing would ruin the track actually but maybe it's fine. btw great timing with your post, I just posted a new one ☝️
  7. I think I'll try to get something done every week or so and post it on the thread that way it feels more like my little experiments have more purpose than to sit on my hard drive. This was a quick one. Usually it takes more than a day for me to feel like I'm satisfied with a track but I like this one as it is for now. The process was more or less the same. I've since expanded my drum rack by adding some effects (beat repeat, redux, delay, etc) to each sound and mapping some macros so I can have it behave more like an Elektron machine. At least that was the idea. I'm also me
  8. Thanks again! Yeah, The 5/4 thing started out when the drum pattern was more straightforward but it stuck in the end. I'm quite into generative/random beats lately. There's something about the disorientation of it that appeals to me a lot.
  9. Honestly I'm already ripping off Autechre so who cares.
  10. Yeah, sure. It's all basically made with Ableton's stock instruments and effects. Not because I think I'm cool or anything but I really believe in mastering what's in front of you already before moving on to something else. Also I just got an Ableton Push so third party stuff doesn't integrate as well with it. One of my latest and greatest discoveries are "follow actions". You can make a bunch of clips with different patterns and have them alternate however you want. So that's how I sequenced the drums. The actual drum sounds are from a custom drum rack I've build with a bunch of Ope
  11. Thank you, means a lot. I put a lot of effort into sound design.
  12. No, I haven't. Sounds like I'll be into it then. Thanks for the recommendation.
  13. Thanks! Nope, I'm complete shit and coming up with track names so I just went on a fake word generator and that happened to come up. lol
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