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  1. I also use folders of mp3s organized by Artist and Album, played in Winamp. Same setup I've been using since the early 00's lol. Only difference is that I've replaced a lot of those old low-bitrate mp3s I ripped 20 years ago with 320 kbps versions.
  2. New Rossz physical copies up on bandcamp! https://venetiansnares.bandcamp.com/album/rossz-csillag-alatt-sz-letett
  3. 04-10-2021 Out on Repetitive Rhythm Research Happy too see FI3AC2028010 made the cut! Previews: https://clone.nl/item65331.html
  4. It used to be Tango n' Vectif but now I spin Spatula Freak the most. Favourite track is Lexicon though. Ziq's palet is broad.
  5. Saw this in the bottom of the mu newsletter. Stoked! ZIQ438 µ-Ziq vs Mrs Jynx - 'Jynxiq' LP/CD/Digital ..jynksigck
  6. The Wevie Stonder Hyperboredom set was hilarious! Looking forward to new release in 2021.
  7. loving todays stream!
  8. Text about release https://dunkorecords.bandcamp.com/album/white-tracksuit-ep-5
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