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  1. Thanks! Good to hear the dark vibes are coming through. Yes, the MS is a very nice piece of kit 🙂
  2. My new album out entitled "Forever Endeavor" will be out on Unit Shifter Records on vinyl and digital soon:



    FE cover.jpg

  3. Thanks, glad you liked it! Sweet man, that's so great to hear! Thanks!!
  4. Releases September 17th. Pre-orders available here: https://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/forever-endeavor
  5. Had a jam with some hardware stuff yesterday. I plan to do more these in future, just combining various gear in different combinations and see what comes out. The sequences were made earlier but the arrangement was fairly improvised. https://youtu.be/FHxqDLEHjVw
  6. oh shit, thanks for the heads up! Here are some codes for the RC-707 album: 57br-k2y5 b5xw-gh7f 5ree-uvpm rm7f-ekbg ab5x-b84u Thanks for listening 😀🙏
  7. It's 707 day again! 😎 Here are some more album download codes: cs98-5bra , rss9-j53r , xcpv-wsyg , ndhe-7cct , 5jeb-5xsb http://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/yum Have a good one 🙂
  8. Bandcamp: https://russiancorvette.bandcamp.com/ Soundcloud: Happy 707 day!
  9. So good! Made a track entirely (except for drums) with this and Generate:
  10. Happy 7/07 day! My RC-707 album is free/pwyw for the rest of the day at Bandcamp: https://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rc-707
  11. Happy 7/07 day! The RC-707 album is free/pwyw for the rest of the day at Bandcamp: https://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rc-707
  12. I am feeling frisky so I would like give away some copies of my latest album today to anyone interested: The album is here: https://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rc-707 Enter download codes here: http://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/yum Download codes (I will post more if these gets used): xlne-uup7 , jea9-ev75 , f7fk-b8af , mldu-xfua , fpja-jam7 All I ask in return if you download is to add to your bandcamp collection and to write a comment and supoort it on bc if you like one of the tracks. Cheers!
  13. Hello. My new Roland TR-707 themed album RC-707 is out now: https://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rc-707 https://soundcloud.com/unitshifter/russian-corvette-rc-707-minimix Cheers!
  14. The blog Lost Dubs of Denmark released compilation of various electronic music. Here is my track from the comp: https://soundcloud.com/russiancorvette/sovtech Download the free 32-track album from bandcamp here: https://lostdubsofdenmark.bandcamp.com/album/5-years-birthday
  15. yes, will be exciting to see what they got up their sleeve.
  16. Hi all. it's 909 day so I feel like giving away some download codes for the Unit Shifter Compilation One album which I released earlier this year. https://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/unit-shifter-compilation-one https://soundcloud.com/unitshifter/unit-shifter-compilation-one-album-snippet Download codes: cu3x-w4uw clap-hae4 cs98-5bra sh23-bch7 pcl5-xxp5 Enter download codes here: https://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/yum First come first served. Cheers
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