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  1. I see a lot of new posts in this forum. I'll try to get to some of that, but first:
  2. I decided to challenge/limit myself to an album per month this year. (proceeds to release 3 disc album on January 4th) I also squeezed in another release late December.
  3. First of all, nice cover art. Secondly, welcome in, same boat, etc. 3rd, just started listening and I enjoy it very much so far! (Am I listening through a mirror?) Alkaloid is great! reminds me of my own stuff a little bit. lol Like how Dynamic N7A sounds. Keeps building nicely too. *note to self. release in digestible chunks to get more feedback easily maybe :)* lovely churns and squelches. Cipher sounds like baby awtechre. I mean it in a good way! Nice EP. each track better than the previous, perhaps.
  4. Free https://thehedonisticimperative.bandcamp.com/album/a-set-assets-of-dysfunktional-derivations-and-whatnot
  5. I promise I will get to you all's music soon i promise 😉
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