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  1. Bandcamp provides much of Soundcloud's paid functionality for nothing. Obviously being able to make some coin off your work is a plus too. I can't say I'd miss Soundcloud.
  2. Good to see Meshuggah and SYL taken care of on page one. My input is not required.
  3. Cool track, sounds quite dreamy. I haven't heard the original so I'm guessing that's the BOC effect.
  4. Draft 7.30 was the first Autechre album I bought. I was introduced to Aphex Twin & Infected Mushroom in 2001 which sparked my interest in electronic music. I saw Autechre's name pop up in a few places whilst searching the net so I grabbed the first CD I saw with their name on it. Metal head here too. \m/
  5. Thanks clevreuse! They're the kind of tracks I enjoy write more often than not. Thanks for listening.
  6. Hi everyone! Glad to be a part of the proceedings here, the forum looks much nicer as a member! I'm from Melbourne in Oz and have been producing all sorts of computer music for over ten years. Check it out here: http://richhipstermusic.bandcamp.com I hate to cry poor, but I'm unemployed and broke at this point in time, so any purchases are greatly appreciated! Also, I found it quite odd that 'Richard David James' wasn't accepted as Aphex Twin's real name during signup. Haha. Edit: feel free to poke fun at that 'drubass' tag! All the best, Chris.
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