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  1. bending the rules of this thread, definitely feeling lots of those photos Oscllik. anyways good jam from the mioogfest guys/
  2. I'm thinking that Nina Kraviz's Trip compilation EP prolly deserves a mention, need more banging techno, the floor needs it, everyone puttering around confused for 8 minutes.
  3. Marissa Nadler- 'Strangers' Jessy Lanza- 'Oh No'
  4. http://www.makenoisemusic.com/systems/shared-system Had a lot of fun playing with this thing at the moogfest, dream set up. There was a fuck load of gear on display, and nothing came close.
  5. LOOKING FORWARD< was amazing to see him DJ, really got it sounding like no other in there, beautiful production. Minimal Nation to now, to see how far the whole sound has come. this will be good/
  6. Warrenting a thread of it's own, your favorite mix means a lot to me. My choice for favorite mix came about in 2005. A cunning selection of southern rap, funk, soul and beyond all Hip Hop. The essence of DJing is embellished in this multimedia extravaganza, featuring samples, interviews, and beautiful mash ups. Conceptually, Shadow voices the vices of an urban empire, kicking it all off with 666 Mafia, from Yo Gotti's 'Full Time Hustler', Too Short's seminal "Burning Rubber", with Lord Finesse, Mannie Fresh production "Get Away Driver". The Funky Skunk is the best Hour anyone can spend in the Rap section aside from Kendrick..Kanye's "The Corner" mixed with Crunk Classic "Knock if you Buck", and Clipse, featured on Baby's "What Happened to that Boy". DJ Shadow is quoted as saying this to be his crowning achievement in studio DJ Mixes, I'm sure you will agree, come along for the ride. It's an education in contemporary RAP MUSIC, perhaps the most significant cultural phenomenon the multiverse has ever known. Please saturate this thread with the juiciest mixes that will penetrate the cerebral cortex into an infinite state of euphoria...
  7. Wonderful thread, Seen/Heard a bit of noise, OPN, Arca, Tim Hecker. Recently Actress' Levaticus LP is sorta where some lines blurrrr for me. Unique collections/experiments. TG, Psychic TV, and Coil. Studying up on NWW and Current 93 too Would make a move on that whitehouse, perhaps..
  8. Listening to the new SUNN LP right now, really dark minor guitar drones, pretty evil, wicked feedback clashes
  9. inspiration, diving in llil later today, think this ova
  10. OK, PLAY MR CHESS.COM === NoMynd
  11. Kudos to this thread, I wish I could relate, can't though, got the magic touch. Naw I've taken bad photos, but I delete them. Never again. They will all end up in this thread... Someday
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