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  1. Ha, just realised that voice in the Windowlicker demo isn't saying 'tickle your tits'!
  2. Just realised this is happening now! milkman bonus beets - :D Are the tracks changing a lot? Briefly going through the last pages of this thread it sounds like there were tracks I can't see now like more Analord stuff. Can only see a Lisbon Acid from that era at the moment.
  3. Hi miim, just checked out your stuff. Some nice beats and sounds. Don't worry about sounding original and just have fun creating, is what I would say. We can't decide how people are going to judge our work so it's a waste of time worrying about it. But we have practically limitless control over how to put sounds together. That means you can ignore most of what your annoyingly talented peers are doing and set your own limitations, like getting really good with an Amen break or Scarborough Fair on the harp, for instance. I like to imagine myself trapped on a desert island with nothing but coconut shells and a dictaphone. After one year, you could bet I'd have (probably) the most original pantomime horse routine ever recorded.
  4. Wicked, cheers :) Sampling Ragga Twins/Shut Up And Dance:
  5. This ep's grown on me a lot after only a few listens! Liking the claps that sound like those things people spin round at football matches in particular. Can't wait for some future bangers though.
  6. Gutted that I missed the previews. Did all tracks sound similar to the two SC cheetahs?
  7. He claims to use Sony MDR-7510 and some type of Audeze Headphones with the price tag of 999999.99GBP Yes, it was the Audeze, thanks! Looks like I won't be buying those anytime soon... The Sonys look all right though.
  8. Hi, this is my first post. Been following the SC dump since the start and checking here for news. I remember Richard saying that he'd had a lot of requests for headphone recommendations and he mentioned some that he thought were the best for making music with. Does anyone remember the make/model? It was one I'd never heard of before. Cheers
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