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  1. Yeah i've found that loads of CDs won't read on the slot-load DVDRW drive on the macbook but if I attach an LG Blu Ray Writer it does fine. Perhaps just better/more efficient mechanics over time. It does bother me now though that I can't find the Calix CD. It's got to be somewhere on the net, maybe i'll check tonight if I can find that and the Broadcast set...I still have the tracklist for that one. Lots of United States Of America which was a cool ass Psychedelic rock group from SF late 60s.
  2. Thanks. Someone on Youtube comments (instant credibility) for the part that this record plays in claims he was at the show and Clark took over the sound when this track came on. Apparently Luke played it and Clark played the rest of the set. Which makes no sense to me at all. Who knows. Wish this was released though...wall of synth! I wonder if it was a softsynth/plugin or some hardware. Can't identify it.
  3. File Name: Ceephax - Live PA at WMF, Berlin 1/25/01 File Submitter: herrdoppler File Submitted: 07 Aug 2016 File Category: Ceephax This is a pretty rare set that I and perhaps a few others may have recorded, I just noticed it on mixcloud although I'm the only person I know to have ever had this show. I recorded it from a realplayer stream in 2001 and it was an av archive....it had this live PA with interesting low-grade pixelated video, of IIRC, a man doing acrobatics. I think it was an olympic setting. It was weird :) This is notable as it's the first time I heard Acid Vaccination, and also an extended version of Ceelink on Acid Quakers 1000 with a wicked 606 breakdown and rythm change. There's also tracks in here that were never released. Appos if this is already out there and well known. Click here to download this file
  4. This mix was very fresh and has one of the lushest synth leads i've probably ever heard (@24:00˜˜)! I was searching out that track for days but it looks like it was unreleased. I havent followed him for years so I don't know if it ever came out. Anyone who can shed some light thank you ;)
  5. I checked with them but they can't do it as they're going to be putting portions or all of their back catalogue up on BLEEP and possibly other sites soon. So I'll have to expire my links and if I can politely ask: Please don't share that discography to anyone, and certainly not on P2P sites. Keep it locked down please. Cheers guys. They've been super kind to me/us so let's repay them and let them make some dosh. Ah, good to know - and yes, support the artists by buying an original digital copy ;) I sincerely wish their back catalogue on vinyl wasnt so damn rare. not that buying it would pay them anyway, but still. its a treasure trove. i do have yet to hear their newer stuff so i should check out, never even used bleep before :S
  6. I checked with them but they can't do it as they're going to be putting portions or all of their back catalogue up on BLEEP and possibly other sites soon. So I'll have to expire my links and if I can politely ask: Please don't share that discography to anyone, and certainly not on P2P sites. Keep it locked down please. Cheers guys. They've been super kind to me/us so let's repay them and let them make some dosh.
  7. Sure ill keep that in mind. The Calix and Gescom did have labels, the Calix was just too scratched up to read accurately from it. Maybe I'll give it a shot in one of these new blu ray players and see what happens though. It would be good to use some kind of polish perhaps..
  8. Ignore the broken tags/text , it works fine. If a mod can remove much appreciated, or I can reload
  9. nice. yeah im about to go through all these unlabeled spindles that have been here for almost 2 decades....hopefully i find some good stuff, probably loads of crap compilations though :)
  10. Bombs Over Ibiza!

    1. Audioblysk


      drop bombs AND acid I always say.

  11. I was able to salvage a Gescom CDr today. I tried washing with dishsoap and distilled water, no go.....tried toothpaste, asanine idea....finally took it over to a newer blu ray burner and pulled it with zero issues. Went ahead and grabbed an LG blu ray burner but having trouble getting it to work correctly on my macbook. Will see. But in any case it looks like a better drive helped, and ive been using dbpoweramp and eac i think...
  12. I'll have a look for sure. I've got about 300 CDrs with no label, so who knows what could be on them. I'm hoping for a DMX Krew set from Groovetech 2001 I think....soo good. All the jams....elecktroids, other people place, chromatix, voice stealer, aphex, etc. Moreover I need to find an archive of the Groovetech sets. I don't know if anyone has a complete stash thats online.
  13. There were some reports of the file being broken. I reuploaded. Please try again
  14. File Name: "Gescom DJs - Warp Radio 2001.mp3" File Submitter: madisonthorne File Submitted: 05 Aug 2016 File Category: Autechre Rip of Gescom DJs on Warp Radio, circa 2001. This was streamripped and then burnt to a CDr. After about 15 years and the loss of the original digital file, I found the CDr and cleaned it and ripped it to a single mp3. This originally came from http://warp-net.com in its puzzle incarnation, specifically the radio page which had mouseover pieces which would slide out. You could click and stream. Artists included Gescom, Broadcast, Plaid, Mira Calix and others. It has long since vanished. Click here to download this file
  15. Along with several other sets from Broadcast, Mira Calix etc. , I ripped this Gescom set from the Warp Website in 2001. It was when they were using the puzzle incarnation of the site, and had a radio page where several pieces would jut out on mouseover and you could play sets. I tried reviving the Mira Calix from a CD I have, but I couldn't get any decent quality...too damaged. The Broadcast is lost although I have the tracklist. I found this one tonight and after several cleanings and different drives, I got a good rip of it. It's not perfect though, there are moments where it stutters or repeats itself very briefly. Overall it's really acceptable though considering it's been stored on a CDR for 15 years without much care. It was 18 tracks split on the CD via indexes so I joined it all into one file removing any gaps and tagged it. Link below. It's alot of hip hop and IDM etc. Hopefully i'm not doubling any efforts here if this has already been available. D/L: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10698524/Gescom%20DJs%20-%20Warp%20Radio%202001.mp3 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10698524/Gescom%20DJs%20-%20Warp%20Radio%202001.mp3 Cheers
  16. Thanks, I'll drop him a line to find out more info. I must have either bought this or just requested it way back when when I was here. Intrigued by the Chris Moss Acid tape. I saw one on discogs but it's a 2006 release. Also apparently Cosmetics exploded their social media presence, no info on them besides discogs - FB, bandcamp, tumblr, etc all gone. Ok just looked up Chris' discog and I'm positive it's Butyric Acidosis. Although 2006 seems to late for me to have gotten it, guess that was when...
  17. interesting. i had them at least on IG for for a bit, havent noticed lately. wonder if they still have a profiling on Captured Tracks' page. I do very much enjoy their stuff. Saw them live in SF not long ago and it was all MS20, a Korg Minipops and Vox. Came off really good. Re: CMA tape, I could probably track down what it is...well of course by breaking the packaging, but I think if I look at his discog I'll remember. Will check.
  18. absolutely, alot of fans and the GP were saying it seemed unlikely he was an addict, but all the signs were immediately there. if you have to ermgency land an airplane for a save shot of narcan youre in deep territory, nothing to do with percocet.
  19. It's huge on the east coast, Canada and some places around here. Most of the heroin on the west coast is #3 aka black tar, which is harder to cut with a white powder than the typical #4 heroin of the east coast. Then there are the fake oxycodone pills... but TBH, if you're buying shady pills, you should run a marquis. Fent/W18 have specific colors compared to more basic codeine and thebaine derived opioids. The problem with these drugs is honestly the lack of knowledge in the user-base (they got sold fake drugs expecting a drug they are used to) and criminal organizations adjusting to the war on drugs and rise in demand by cutting with a super-potent opioid. Even if you get a fent patch, it's incredibly hard to dose out correctly and being as it's x-amount of times more potent by weight than other opioids - it can kill a less-than careful opiate addict looking to get higher than just maintaining. Remember though, it's not 'more potent' as in it gets you higher, it just takes less by weight to get you higher. Sometimes the media's slew of buzz-facts leaves out asterisks that make things seem less dire. Dosed correctly and volumetrically from a known pharmaceutical source - fentanyl is no more dangerous than any other opioid IMO. But, it doesn't really go down like that even with people prescribed the medication and have a tolerance and IMO has no purpose outside medical use for that reason. I can't imagine having a vice that I relied on to just feel physically and mentally well. If anyone has ever seen a full-blown opiate addict go through detox - it is not pretty and I can see why it's so hard to put down. You basically have to endure the worst torture you could inflict upon yourself to be free from the clutches of lady papaver and her mothers milk... and that's just the physical tolerance. Yikes. well said. there is a hell worse than youre average opiate detox though and it arrives when youve made the grave mistake of taking naltrexone before the mu opiod receptor sites are back to normal. I took 15mg, a very moderate dose 2 days into a detox and within 10 minutes was on the bathroom floor violently releasing fluids from all orifices for 16 striaght hours. If I had a gun I would have put a bullet in my mouth. It was pure hell. I do somewhat disagree that Fentanyl is no different than other opiates but I understand the statement...the problem with it I think is the potency and the popularization of counterfeitting with it. The OP80s are a popular target for it, but realistically pure Fentanyl isnt often used....it doesnt make sense to counterfeit oxy per se with a more potent, basically better drug (in an addicts mind). I think all these poor manufactures of it and analogues make it into the OPs and other pills. I've only taken lollys which were 1600mcg and a single one would be pretty powerful. Ive watched people extract gel from Watson patches and nearly die after ripping the shit on foil. Disgusting. Fentanyl seems to be more of a problem with ODs just because addicts are going too hard on it without realizing how active it is in mcg range doses. Your average patch is 75mcg say over 72 hours transdermally, which is 7.65mg in the patch total. Smoking or otherwise ingesting half that amount could have you falling out. Vs. average #4 tar, it would take much more effort to get there I think. Gunpowder and #3 afghan for instance alert you more loudly as you'll start nodding and sort of have a gauge on the potency. But as with any type of opiate, especially something comnbinant like Heroin, anyone can overdose if they get something too potent and treat it like an average dose. In any case it's all terribly dangerous and you are correct, detoxing is hell. It's a special purgatory I'll happily never visit again.
  20. I should have scrolled up before I responded.....I do too and have for a very long time for anxiety with EPT (tremors). It's full on psych warfare to quit. The only reasonable ways are to do long tapers either off klonipin or switch to a longer acting benzo and go down off that. There are good guides for this around these days. Many doctors in and out of treatment facilities believe it's not a big deal though and will attempt rapid tapers that can be greatly uncomfortable and dangerous. I've had a Dr try to take me off with mass doses of gabapentin and it put me to sleep for 2 weeks and when I cut down I was far worse off. The lack of education is stunning.
  21. Sad to finally hear it was a Fentanyl overdose. Makes alot more sense than a Percocet overdose. I used to abuse the lollipops along with a handful of people and it's garbage....real junky shit. It's absurdely powerful and very easy to fall out on, and opiates can be subtle sometimes in that you don't realize how much effect its having on your CNS because the high isn't as pronounced and in the forefront like some other drugs. Before you know it youre done. Questionable whether it should even have application outside of a hospital setting. These days alot of clandestine labs in Eastern countries are making cheap analogues and low grade shortcutted routes to the molecule and pushing it to the west...and it gets repackaged as oxycontin or some other designer with great risk to the uninitiated addict. Sucks that such a talented guy fell to the nightmarish hellscape of an opiate addiction. Happens to some of the best us, unfortunately most don't make it out. Too many talents gone too soon from the shit.
  22. hm, so it's pacman nearing a munch on a dual impressionist perspective, with similarities and differences of comparable magnitude between sine waves and colundi waves, viewed on an oscilloscope. checks out
  23. Ive yet to figure out if it was a purposely minimal interface or just a series of frontpage for windows editing sessions with an extended ascii charset
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