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    Making music all the time. Paddling in the dope lakes of my Canadian motherland. Listening to the beautiful music of others. Taking naps on the reg.
  1. Thanks for the insight! Vocals are definitely to loud , haven't started the mix down yet. I will have to give a listen to those songs you mentioned. Thanks for the feedback :)
  2. Got my sisters to do some vocals for this track, wanting some feedback on the arrangement of their vocals before i get down to the nitty gritty. I have more takes I could use ...just wondering if its too much or not enough...anywho..have a listen https://soundcloud.com/nowfeel/completly-lost
  3. really like tis tune! are those sitar samples ?
  4. Thanks for the listen, definitely not everyones cup o tea :)
  5. This is an old track I did, just got around to doing a first run on a mixdown. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Wanted to give it a few days and come back fresh. Looking for some feedback from you guys before I start fine tuning the mix. Thanks in advance https://soundcloud.com/nowfeel/really-loves-you
  6. Aw yis! me like :) I am sucker for walking arped bass lines and elctro breaks . For my personal taste I can hear a top melody coming in mid way through the song and some chords to fill it out . The ending is fucking nutz i l iuv it .Slap some knarly string samples in there !
  7. Feck! I like this "canticle of the commons"! The Layering in out of melodies and bass blubs and swells is totally my cup of tea. Those drum breaks are my jam too, again I gotta say I love the attention to detail, this is the type of intricacy I Like to hear. Keep It man this really good stuff here :)
  8. some tasty tasty noodle tunes here! Love your melody work and the drum lines pull and push real gude! :) Liking LLone Dance
  9. writing as listening . I don't think the intro is too sparse , but if you are feeling it im sure that pad would be fine. At the 1:30 mark I want more to happen, again just personal taste, I find the drawn out transition to loose my interest . The bass doesn't sound too much to me sits well in the mix. The main problem I have is the song has a lot of low energy parts and personally that's just not my style. I would love to hear a Melodic top line come in earlier in the song and possibly reprise again at the end. I enjoyed the track over all good space and the elements sit well in the mix . For my personal taste I would like to hear more melodic interest going on. :)
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. I agree with you that there isn't really something that sticks with you or a hook that is memorable. I showed it to a couple friends and they said they exact same thing . The song kinda just washes over you, If i am feeling inspired I may go back and do a re write or stick with my momentum and just move on to a new song. I've never heard of "These Hopeful Machines". I'll have to take a listen. Thanks for taking the time for all feedback::)
  11. Sweet, thanks. I Can hear what your saying about the drums now that im listening again, hope to get around to my next mix donwn this week. Thanks for the listen
  12. Newish track, goes and goes. It's a little all over the place , but I still like the way it evolves. I Have a version that I cut down about a minute shorter , still working on the mix. Any feedback on the track would be awesome, thanks :) https://soundcloud.com/nowfeel/toasted-bun
  13. aww yis! I love the crunchy percussion and all the blurps and beeps. The tone of the mix is what I like the most. What did you use to get that tone? Is it just the sound of the starting samples and other elements in the song or did you do something in the mix down to get that low warmth to the mix? Nice job on this one :)
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