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    Not liking the amount of death threats etc by anti-brexit people. Calling names like "Boris Saville" for example. Boris got fucked over by his party too, the real game of thrones :/
  2. Consequences


    What I will say it is people voting to stay in who are the ones who punch you if you disagree, or call you a c***, or call you an "expert troll lolololol" if anyone disagrees with their opinions. Thick, narrowminded people.
  3. SO I am after a synth. I have never used one. I will go and say other than audacity I have never produced before. I really just want something I can tweak to make little tunes or samples out of, then be able to record them to the PC somehow. I have some requirements though 1. I want a new one. Made for sale in 2015/6. I always used to buy old stuff and it always came broken. 2. I need it to last me a while, so nothing too limiting. 3. I don't have a DAW so I need something that will work with freeware. USB preferably. 4. I want something I can put on a table. My posture is
  4. Anyone got a list of BoC's darker music? Preferably a mix or soundcloud but if not please list tracks so I can make a playlist. Examples 1. Most of Tomorrow's Harvest, but especially Gemini 2. Chinook 3. Basefree for examples of the darker, maybe industrial sounding tracks? Thanks!
  5. Listening to Surfing on Sound Waves for the first time in my life... keep replaying "Dot". Does anyone know the lyrics!? Thanks!
  6. Rocket League. Possibly DS3 too soon...never played DS at all though... I have a 4.8ghz i5 and a GTX 690 ready for DS3
  7. What are the file-sharing/privacy rules here on Watmm with regards to Analord specifically? I mean it was never released as a CD right so it limits a lot of people who have record decks. Can a mod contact me because I have Analord vol1-11 FLAC zipped and hosted on a 10gbps box and ready to go...
  8. Currently...Tassels. It sounds like Depeche Mode's Jazz Thieves slowed down... Also Hedphelym and Tha and Where's Your Girlfriend and Reunion 2.
  9. I love most Aphex's stuff but DrukQs and Syro ellude me. Having said that i am listening to DrukQs at the moment and it was all good until "cd1-04-aphex_twin-omgyjya_switch7" this track is just the all-over-the-place mess that put me off the album in the first place. I wonder if you have to actually be on drugs for it to make sense. Like LSD or Speed or something? I must also say that only the mainstream stuff appealed to me until I started messing around with synthesizers and realised how hard it is to actually make a track. And now I listen objectively rather than just what sound
  10. So far I have only got to analord 05... I keep repeating certain tracks... great for playing Rocket League to! Stuff like Where's Your Girlfriend and Renioun 2... brilliant
  11. I also have all 200+ of the user693486948whatever tracks to listen to (soundcloud dump I believe) for the first time, but sadly only 128kbps mp3. Will give The Tuss a go :D
  12. Until I joined here I had no idea what Analord was... normally I just listen to SAW 1 (don't like 2). Just wow. In FLAC as well :D
  13. Consequences


    sorry but a pet peeve is the labeling of Britain as "England", theres a lot more to the British and Irish Isles than just the Anglo-Saxons, some of our most recent and vehement arrivals. The irony especially when u see how well UKIP polls on the eastern side of these islands....... if Britain exits, the union will break, the Scots will go full frontol w/independence further undermining any genuine challenge to continuing Tory govts. Its also why this toxic/inane bs Tory leadership contest is sidetracking us from genuine Euro reform. the north & west of the British Isles (ie Scotlan
  14. Consequences


    Fuck the EU tbh. It is 2016 and we live in a country where the EU tells us what we can and can't do and fines us for being too successful !?!? Whatever happened to the "British Empire" now we are soft and let other countries dictate what we can and can't do! The only good thing that came out of the EU was freedom of travel (and yet you still have to queue up at passport control at the tunnel) and the Superfast broadband EU grants that got me from 1mbps to 50mbps!
  15. Definetly his voice (I am from Cornwall and moved). Not sure it is in a train station I can imagine it more in a supermarket whilst shopping...train station would have WAY too much noise.
  16. Don't. Pretty much the best advice I can give you.
  17. You can take steps to remove it or you can figure out how people are making $$$ doing it and make $$$$ doing it yourself ;)
  18. I am really pissed. First T:ME / EM:T died for the second time and now Rephlex. GRRR
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