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  1. Really appreciate the info, but I already own the Katabatic EP haha. Got it mint for a really good price too. Just looking to complete the 3LP album now with the official release.
  2. Also, forgot to say I'm in the US in regards to shipping.
  3. Hoping to find someone that would want to part with this amazing album. Title says it all. Not necessarily looking for mint, VG+ is fine. Discogs says the average sale is around 20 USD, but we can bargain. Thanks! Discogs profile for rep: https://www.discogs.com/user/akoontz21
  4. Hidden Rivers is really good in my opinion. They're on this really cool UK based ambient label called Serein. You can find 'em here.
  5. 21we4


    Sort of daunting when looking at the album/track lengths. I know it took me a long time before I sat down and listened to the whole thing. I got the crappy 1972 repress recently for a good price, so that's when I finally gave the whole album a go. Really memorizing at times, and really is the pinnacle of ambient music. And hey, this is my first post! Hello WATMM people
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