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  1. First of all, great mixer. Only 1 problem : When I change the time when the Flanger effect is open, it restarts its cycle. Very annoying. With the Pioneer EFX or the Ecler NUO5 effects the cycle continued while changing the length. Anybody knows maybe if you can customise it? Providing me with the correct technical methodology would also help me. Thanks.
  2. Still my favourite Still missing
  3. still no answer? I'm even thinking of going to the UK myself and knock on his door. Still feels like cold turkey for I'm really addicted to his music Still got a few years left till Brexit anyway
  4. So right now I'm starting to get worried we might never hear of him again. It's been awfully quiet for I guess over a year now
  5. That's my Youtube channel. check his other stuff on the Global Goon playlist too
  6. "where can we get your tunes?" that should do it
  7. yes Gocab you missed out on a lot . perhaps i can help you. I'll pm you one of these days.
  8. Still my favorite artist currently , and not because of his Rephlex music
  9. so what's the dealio with global goon ? retired ? Music in general is suddenly a lot less interesting for me at this point
  10. https://soundcloud.com/globalgoonofficial
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