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  1. So right now I'm starting to get worried we might never hear of him again. It's been awfully quiet for I guess over a year now
  2. That's my Youtube channel. check his other stuff on the Global Goon playlist too
  3. "where can we get your tunes?" that should do it
  4. yes Gocab you missed out on a lot . perhaps i can help you. I'll pm you one of these days.
  5. Still my favorite artist currently , and not because of his Rephlex music
  6. so what's the dealio with global goon ? retired ? Music in general is suddenly a lot less interesting for me at this point
  7. https://soundcloud.com/globalgoonofficial
  8. So Global Goon deleted his Soundcloud and Bandcamp again. Anybody got an idea whether he's posting his new stuff somewhere else ?
  9. Also, you are not obligated to categorise a tune in a certain category just because the artist defines it that way.
  10. Play Barbie Girl after Cradle of Filth and say again that genre's don't exist. Whether you like it or not, your brain makes categories. Putting a name on that isn't that stupid, it's actually quite handy. The only question is, do we all put the same name on the same sound. Obviously not. Being confronted by that, some choose to overthrow everything that has to do with naming genres. In stead of just realising that the thing you call A, is A for you, but not for someone else.
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