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  1. Yes I have the other one. Thanks to DJ Tomaz himself who was kind enough to make an effort for me to find it. Always a pleasure when they want to do that. I remember sending e-mails to the likes of Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke etc. 20 years ago, trying to describe in words a techno track because I did not have the technical knowhow or hardware to cut it out of a set. "So it has a kicking beat and hihats too, and it's kinda loud and then the beat stops a while and it builds up and then bam bam bam it starts again !" They usually answered. Long story short, here it is.
  2. Ha! So it's possible to give a Farnsworth to a message? That's good news.
  3. btw tracks from "Tomaz @ Drop Acid Not Bombs (Gent 08-04-2007)" for those wondering
  4. Don't be afraid btw it's from Tomaz @ Drop Acid Not Bombs (Gent 08-04-2007)
  5. First of all, great mixer. Only 1 problem : When I change the time when the Flanger effect is open, it restarts its cycle. Very annoying. With the Pioneer EFX or the Ecler NUO5 effects the cycle continued while changing the length. Anybody knows maybe if you can customise it? Providing me with the correct technical methodology would also help me. Thanks.
  6. Still my favourite Still missing
  7. still no answer? I'm even thinking of going to the UK myself and knock on his door. Still feels like cold turkey for I'm really addicted to his music Still got a few years left till Brexit anyway
  8. So right now I'm starting to get worried we might never hear of him again. It's been awfully quiet for I guess over a year now
  9. That's my Youtube channel. check his other stuff on the Global Goon playlist too
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