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  1. escape not descape stay in prison... cos the food is better, but, not as good as that garbage can autechre's next album... stmlis ebt
  2. Great stuff. Good Great stuff.. You Should buy the downloads separately. Maybe spotify? These guys are kings! GM girly.
  3. The only way we are going to survive as a human race is to, freely give and feely you shall receive. Stimulus. give, sell, buy, eat, play, we are all famous www... world wide war play esc desc
  4. These new autechre's suck ass. escape descape there is no escape hide anonimity
  5. Yeah you kzow know.... Brexit! Breakfast naturals. Food for hawt. When skowp gweam a gintawe skwaybles the chwatchmo, squib on.
  6. Crack open a coke. Coke own a krakken. Crack own copeing Cop a crop croking. Croke without crapping. Crepe without cocking. Neutrogena. 500 showers in 22 years. Bathe in evian. Can you blow me where the pampers is. Think, i'm think. Will you show me how i can pampers is? Show me where the cramps are is? Menstral cramps and pampers cash. Stimulus the wretched priss. Melissa juice and michaels piss. Diabetes and juice as piss. Michael owns gun and shiz. Peace on earth and panels solar. Solar panels masks and whiz. Free techno P.A sys. Outdoor concerts ba
  7. are you telling me i can't have a business in music while learning history from the bible, friend?
  8. If you do, remember to take your meds friends. Sorry for the rants.
  9. Stress can cause you to be stupid. Sorry guys. I'm not even going to go into detila about why i posted on this forum the past hours. Again i'm sorry.
  10. minus you're i'm mm. Hi joseph! Hi . i!
  11. Baptise me with with your plasma main man vern gun firs
  12. the day this was released i go get groceries with daniel here https://www.sweetwater.com/ its a place i dissapear in a beautiful place out in the country to do my urit you alls and jupiter ascending was all ascending in metal terms as jupiters headgames can't find a head to invade cos flying lotus gave life to the unborn while marilyn manson died again in 97' cos autechre said i forgot developing schizophrenia who now has the perfect drug and the beautiful mirror given to by a trent now that mark has i just wanna give headphones most likely scratched into my kin
  13. 4. esc desc - escape descape - imprison yourself and stay there hidden 8. great - worst 9. the red alien 11. arecast - free - without a broken bone - outcast - deserted pick these apart
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