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  1. Wholy shit these new autechre's piledrive new tight ae's. I bought the 2014 and got assaulted by vocies smalltime.
  2. FoundTube : : : : : Looks like Super Mario's Bro's of Canaduhzies gonna release a alright bums.
  3. I didn't enjoy it at all. Wanna know why? Cos the thread title says "New Here" so i come for here and here was no where to be found. I didn't know you made music though and am interested to know what it sounds like. Maybe tomorrow it will be titled Children have the right to make nice melodies like boards of canada can't anymore because you will? I'lll check back tomorrow to see if you're living or just reaching.
  4. David Spade > Fluff Pillow Jerking Awful > Yes UFO > Huff Kitchen Sink Products Brad Pit > And some cleaning products. Thor > Hammer Of The G-ds
  5. Skee masks are better than those covid catching tinfoil hats
  6. Monitors schmonitors, Were smoking in the boys room
  7. Today is the greatest dust i ever become, Can't wait for tomorrow i might be remnants in bong, I'll burn my bonghit, Or was that your infinities i split?
  8. You have the tape with it's wonderful heavenly hiss?
  9. Sounds great. I daydream about them flooding bandcam. Remember when they said they thought someone was going to come out with an album with notthing but a little tunes album. I imagine an 80 minute cd by them. But yes, i insist THEM doing a bandcamp. I know they have one with, warp? I'm wondering if they're gonna do a summer/pop type album dedicated to what i hear could be the end of covid by 2022. Or earlier than that. :(
  10. Hello berk! BoC are good for all moods. When i wanna relax and i'm alone in peace and quiet i listen to these songs. They are fairly long songs, but i put them on repeat and listen when i have time. 1.) Corsair 2.) Open The Light 3.) Tears From The Compound Eye 4.) Farewell Fire - I love this one but i don't like how it ends, the fade out lasts too long but it's good if you wanna listen to go to sleep. 5.) Semena Mertvykh When i really wanna jam BoC i always play this song... 1.) BoC - Live 2.) Eagle In Your Mind 3.) Telephasic Workshop 4.) Come To Dust 5.) Cold Earth 6.) Hi Scores 7.) June 9th 8.) Reach For The Dead When i eat lots of butter and load my cofee with fat free cream. 1.) Sick Times 2.) Iced Cooly 3.) Everything You Do Is A Baloon 4.) You Could Feel The Sky Haff a nice day. Spade jamu fun grab a cheer biggle. You'll now now a mack too swan. Spaech!
  11. escape not descape stay in prison... cos the food is better, but, not as good as that garbage can autechre's next album... stmlis ebt
  12. Great stuff. Good Great stuff.. You Should buy the downloads separately. Maybe spotify? These guys are kings! GM girly.
  13. The only way we are going to survive as a human race is to, freely give and feely you shall receive. Stimulus. give, sell, buy, eat, play, we are all famous www... world wide war play esc desc
  14. These new autechre's suck ass. escape descape there is no escape hide anonimity
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