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  1. If she didnt need cash no. cuz that was the best thing trump did. was give us our first stimulus check sad it had to be because of the pandemic biden did too though. microsoft news said 4th and 5th and all i read about was a fourth. does that mean trump should get back in? nope
  2. this beat that the devil today has nurtred and fostered is inspired by the powers of hell, and there are young people that are in these rock groups that are pulling off their clothes in full view of thousands of young people, dare ask the question when police dare not step in with air thick with marijuana smoke, a hundred tousand kids, the huge speakers that beat off the music as dope filled entertainers and performers, beat upon the guitars and drums in the streets, those young people that ripped off their clothes and acted like animals, they said it's the music, it's the music
  3. I faked it. I thought you guys wanted something like cich times Nobody got the reals from the first batch? I sent em to freh d
  4. RIP MIRA. Sandsings plays on! Feeling! :(
  5. I think the new autechre is chill. Release new board of canada richard.
  6. This one has to be mine. The lyrics are the best and i'll recite one for you. And there's something about it that just grabs me. Could you "WANNA" take my picture, cos i won't remember. Whoever doesn't hear "wanna" is just deaf. Now think about what he's saying there too. He chose "COULD" because, if anyone did take his picture and show it back to him he "WOULD" remember. Get it? Take someone's picture. Go
  7. He brings out the best in me every time. Good one to follow. On a side note...... Twoism banned clenci and xaugh. Do they remember the talks of My Co Jassyn. Two thousand twenty this songs for you. The killer in me is the killer in you! My wub. But but, you're black. Try the J&J while i beat my... Cough
  8. Wholy shit these new autechre's piledrive new tight ae's. I bought the 2014 and got assaulted by vocies smalltime.
  9. FoundTube : : : : : Looks like Super Mario's Bro's of Canaduhzies gonna release a alright bums.
  10. I didn't enjoy it at all. Wanna know why? Cos the thread title says "New Here" so i come for here and here was no where to be found. I didn't know you made music though and am interested to know what it sounds like. Maybe tomorrow it will be titled Children have the right to make nice melodies like boards of canada can't anymore because you will? I'lll check back tomorrow to see if you're living or just reaching.
  11. David Spade > Fluff Pillow Jerking Awful > Yes UFO > Huff Kitchen Sink Products Brad Pit > And some cleaning products. Thor > Hammer Of The G-ds
  12. Skee masks are better than those covid catching tinfoil hats
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