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  1. Somehow in the midst of moving recently I managed to produce something I like. Dropping The Subterranean Bi-folding Laundry Door On The Glass Picture Frame That Is Your Third Eye.
  2. I haven't seriously done much art in years, but reading though this thread inspired me to post one of the few things from the time I was trying to be an illustrator that I am still somewhat proud of. I made this around 10 years ago.
  3. Insanely jealous of the wattmites who get to go those London shows with ZF supporting.
  4. Bumping this to hopefully spurn on others who have slept on it like I did to give this a listen. I will echo the noodley at times sentiment from auxien, but those moments aren't really any sort of detriment to the greater work, the progression just comes later than one might expect. These are all the sort of lush transportive tracks that pull you in take you to a world unheard and make you wish you could live in them. I may just have to buy a copy for those 24bit files!
  5. Atmospheric, groovy, highly detailed and wonderfully textured. This might end up being one of my favorite solo works of his.
  6. Carl Brutananadilewski confirmed for most IDM.
  7. You can always count on Deadbeat to supply flawless atmospheric dub. I had forgotten about Om Unit though (who I can only assume brought the acid to this), will have to catch up on missed works now.
  8. Sean please fuck my mind for good.
  9. Yeah these were strange to me as well, they are so abrupt. I kept wondering how much better it would sound with some spacious reverb to fill the silences.
  10. I had been meaning to give this a listen since release but had not gotten a chance until just yesterday. Initially drawn in by the cover art this is the first I am hearing of Synalegg and this album has certainly left me wanting more / looking back to his past works. I enjoyed every track but I think Series 6 was my immediate favorite.
  11. Great sounds on this, giving loads of feels... it will definitely get more spins from me. Songs do however feel like they could be longer and further explored, many sort of just end abruptly. Maybe thats what he was going for though, trying to add a sense of loss to the emotional quality of his music. It could just be me as I seem to be having this problem with a lot of music lately. Nevertheless welcome back Holy Other, and let's hope it's not another 10 years until we see more.
  12. I thought about Emptyset the other day and decided to check on what the latest from them was finding this... While I'm not entirely sure if I did miss this when it came out or if covid madness just made me forget about it, I'm so glad I checked. Some real otherworldly sounds on this.
  13. Same thing here, I missed this and came across it in the bleep email. I have only really been able to listen to it while out on errands driving in the rain but surprisingly the tone seems to fit the season quite nicely despite the initial release date. Early favorite is Preston Melodics. It's always great to see new stuff from Mike P.
  14. This whole album is great but I'll be damned if Cerelet isn't a certified banger.
  15. Could be, it seems to be showing up in the other broadcasts.
  16. Not sure how I managed to sleep through these, but catching up now! I think there was some morse code at 2min in the first one, have yet to decipher it though.
  17. I was revisiting some of his earlier work and decided to check on what he had been up to lately leading me to find that he had released this back in May. https://barryboxcutter.bandcamp.com/album/cirrus-dubs More from Barry Lynn is always a good thing. edit. The breaks just hit on Love Beat. ❤️
  18. 10 years to the day! Looking forward to his next release as according to him on instagram "for real I just finished it".
  19. Official video for the title track Promising sounds! Looking forward to hearing the rest. My wife and I bonded over our enjoyment of their work back when we were first dating (has it really been 10 years?) It's nice to see them back.
  20. I missed this, but hearing m-Realizable impressed me so much I had to check this out too. You guys clearly have the touch.
  21. Great stuff guys! My only critique is you left me wanting more 😉 Looking forward the next release already.
  22. Will definitely give this a listen, everything Scott puts out is class.
  23. Still waiting on that full length interview...
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