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  1. been doing some calculations. 750 hours will barely suffice imo...
  2. misuta Go

    AE Tour 2020

    i saw them at warsaw on their 2016 tour. i have to say the combination of Ae and baczewski vodka was pretty neat... (no seated venues this time, plz)
  3. 36:13 "The Family - The screams of passion" first time i hear them play something prince-related. nice!
  4. updating the link, vimeo sucks...
  5. Extremely happy to share a collaboration with Qebo on an audio-visual project. We draw inspiration from Bokusho and get crazy with it. Right now we are working on a live real-time 1-hour performance that is going to be mental! I hope you enjoy this, cheers...
  6. when you have the masters of polyrhythmia giving you enough material for a bonkers set, why would you ever lobotomise it to a techno one?
  7. misuta Go

    Autechre and Melody

    to me, the orchestral part in arch carrier lures you inside the machine. and then, on 3:49 more or less, you are left alone, trapped inside. but beautiful mini sounds emerge from underneath and it's so beautiful that you don't care, you stay there forever...
  8. OUT NOW!!! Qebo - Formulations [NC013] • Formulations is a glitch-hop album, featuring sample manipulations and FX improvisations. It was recorded live in one take, with no additional editing and represents the Qebo live set from the 2014-2017 era! • Silk screen printing - Poster on Washi paper (Japanese calligraphy paper) • CD's // silver with black print on top // full black on bottom limited to 100 copies https://numbcapsule.bandcamp.com/album/formulations
  9. Not really although the most purist members of the Sam & Bob Church will always bring up how "cheesy" Incunabula and Amber sound. Just as it's written in the sacred texts. in athens, almost everyone that claims to like autechre, means incunabula or amber. the later stuff gives them headaches. "normal" music is the king here, unfortunately. but that is a nice way to find new friends. if they mention confield, best friends foreva!!
  10. you hear that it is actually pendulu hv moda reworked, right? not saying it as a bad thing, quite the contrary. it's exciting to hear such a different output from the same setup...
  11. I have been waiting all my Ae life for shimripl fucking casual...
  12. as i shuffle through the ae topics, two things keep being repeated that i do not understand at all... - their output is too much to digest what the fuck does that mean? your brain is able to digest v*times more than that even if you are retarded like me. nts is fascinating to me for its data/sec value and i can't get enough of it. the "machine" is the most fascinating development since we saw the potential in sound manipulation back in the days of lp5, ep7, confield etc. if i could say just two words for the exai / elseq / nts saga, that would be "at last"... - their gigs should be seated. being quiet is one thing. but to remain seated through all this mind-fuckery is seriously laughable. i guess i was the only one dancing during the london gig, which is scary if you think about it... the point is, we are offered the fruits of a 25 years carreer with the latest setup. finally, the machines are singing on their own and, finally, we are able to immerse ourselves in live experiences much more detailed and fluid than ever before. isn't that worth something? the past was glorious, no point for nostalgia though. i'm much more curious to see where the boys go next... (nts kicks ass)
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