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  1. misuta Go


    makes sense. thank you...
  2. misuta Go


    can anyone explain the lack of bass in the recordings? i mean, i was there, the bass was huuuuge, it shuttered your chest. and yet it's almost absent from the recordings...
  3. credit for the naming goes to jaderpansen. i kept it whre i could cuz it works pretty good... (personal favourite: intro diff version)
  4. couldn't hep it. thanks for making the initial selection mate, made my day...
  5. if you make loops out of the jams, it is gescom minidisc quality, even better. i'm hooked... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ArEtVbK26EFp1OlCXp3W9254-7h4Dr1m
  6. misuta Go


    apparently his was in a certain mood in london, cause in warsaw he played tremendously...
  7. misuta Go


    was there too. the first half of the show, the "beatless" part, i find to be one of the most hip hop moments of ae. hidden beats and rhythms all over that drove me crazy as i was listening. curious to see if i was imagining stuff (had a few whiskys before the show)...
  8. been doing some calculations. 750 hours will barely suffice imo...
  9. misuta Go

    AE Tour 2020

    i saw them at warsaw on their 2016 tour. i have to say the combination of Ae and baczewski vodka was pretty neat... (no seated venues this time, plz)
  10. 36:13 "The Family - The screams of passion" first time i hear them play something prince-related. nice!
  11. updating the link, vimeo sucks...
  12. Extremely happy to share a collaboration with Qebo on an audio-visual project. We draw inspiration from Bokusho and get crazy with it. Right now we are working on a live real-time 1-hour performance that is going to be mental! I hope you enjoy this, cheers...
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