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  1. massive thanks for this. AMKS.live__07D__11M__20Y was fucking brilliant. almost every set in this series bangs hard....
  2. just because there is a repeated notion that sign and plus will reveal themselves over time and we‘ll eventually “get it”… some of us have listened extensively to it, hundreds of time and really “get it”, it’s just that we don’t like it. it happens you know. i still dislike oversteps (except for os veix 3) after all these years. that doesn’t mean anything bad about Ae, au contraire. i am more than happy that they still do whatever the fuck they feel like, whether i like it or not, who cares. and after oversteps came exai, which blew my fucking mind, so i’m not worried about anything and shit. plus the oversteps tour was amazing, top-5 Ae set ever. i still have a selection of 9 tracks from sign/plus that sound to me like NTS Session 5 and i enjoy but that's about it...
  3. if sth doesn't make sense, because of the translator, i could help. not going to translate the whole article of course, no time for that...
  4. Ο σκύλος του σων παίζει πολύ ωραία συνθ...
  5. To me, in that order... M4 Lema DekDre Scap B schmefd 2 ecol4 n Cur Metaz form8 r cazt marhide X4
  6. Incunabula: meh amber: meeereerh, but piezo tri: the gold one chiastic: tetsuo funk Lp 5: fuck yeah Ep7: fuck yeah motherfucker confield: cold gold draft: niiiiice untilted: the one about billabong quaristice: wtf, but ok oversteps: wtf, goddamit Exai: hell yeah Elseq: kool as fuck system Nts: the system should behave sign/plus: nts 5, minus the dog playing piano synth shit
  7. Not a bunch of lines exactly, more like "dry, detailed, stripped down, black and white" or sth like that makes total sense to me in a synaesthetic level, not as a literal interpretation of the shit that's going on
  8. All the albums i mentioned i have in cd and they look ace. Lp5 vinyl does not look well if i remember correctly. Subtle may not be the right word fir ep7, i agree, but it looks very delicate nevertheless and describes the music perfectly...
  9. oh, i'm a grown up, don't really care about aggresiveness or political correctness, i understand the spirit of your comment that's why i responded properly. now SHUT YOUR ASS too...
  10. i made a valid remark because i just got the vinyl today. exai didn't seem too good on the screen but the quality of the print made up for it. i was expecting sth similar with SIGN. to no avail, it is completely forgetable. i understand the boys trust DR to do whatever they want, i don't blame THEM for it...
  11. elseq was silly as well imo. i personally adore the subtleness of lp5, ep7, peel session II covers, so sign seems too "obvious" and vulgar to me. just saying...
  12. so you re even butthurt about something that the ae didn't do themselves and no one is blaming them for? goes to show...
  13. just reveived my SIGN preorder. the design is so bad that it's hilarious actually. and PLUS seems even worse. wtf? haha...
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