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  1. the fastest downvote i've ever given, didn't even press play...
  2. funny, to me it sounds perfect at zero volume...
  3. "but whatever our expectations or hopes for new Autechre music were, this album feels like the record we need in 2020, after the year that it’s been" not it isn't. 2020, best year evah. i want my money back!!!
  4. the brilliance of gantz graf, following 19 headaches made me crap my pants. i thought ae had been catapulted light years ahead from the rest. they came back after that, tho...
  5. the opener is a stunner. but then, we got a lot of "g1e1"s, when i hoped for a "continuation" of M4 Lema, or Icari, or l3 ctrl etc etc. but the fact that even if i don't like sign, i adore M4 Lema, shows me that the boys still rule, but they are in another phase than me, unfortunately (for me). like quaristice and oversteps weren't my thing at all, but then, exai blew my fucking mind...
  6. the first one is gorgeous though...
  7. my point really flew by you, didn't it? brilliant!
  8. pitchfork liking it is a SIGN, right? friendly reminder... https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/17691-autechre-exai/ no further questions your honor...
  9. "After a decade of composing increasingly difficult music, the experimental duo offers a reprieve." i rest my case...
  10. what do you mean? if SIGN wasn't Ae i wouldn't give a flying fuck. now i know, because the are brilliant, that they are behind this release 1000%, but i' m just not there, maybe next time. i' m old now, but in the absolute opposite spot. i' m a data whore, what can i say? i despise all things "accesible"...
  11. "Of course, it can take a bit of work and some deep listening to get there. But what if those layers were to be peeled back? What if we didn’t have to wade through hours of fractal rough to uncover those hidden gems of pure machine-funk beauty? What if the melody on Confield’s ‘Pen Expers’ wasn’t obscured by what sounds like coins being sucked into a giant vacuum cleaner? What if ‘6IE.CR’ on Draft7.30 were just the pads and not the cyborgs?" ~ my problem with SIGN exactly ~
  12. whenever i read the word "approachable" for an Ae release, i want to vomit...
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