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  1. In Athens show too, it was a continuous pummeling for 30+ minutes and the first kind of phrases that, at least, I could follow were introduced at the 40 minute mark approximately. From then on it was a banger and, the conclusion was super satisfying and emotional. I think that, unfortunately, the technical problems at the Helsinki gig didn't let the boys round it up properly. It was very Sun-Ra as an approach to a live gig, I think. But the problem in Athens was the generally low volume level. I wish the next tour sees them back in proper club venues for standing people only.
  2. on the topic of gamelan, this is one of most beautiful things I've ever heard. what a trip...
  3. I'm sooo sorry about that... Ae-Loop.mp4
  4. So, it turns out I was correct. At some point I said to my girlfriend "This is surely way over 1 hour they're playing already, right?". But I didn't want to check my phone and break the "zone". But the fuckery started at 21:50 and when it was all over I checked my phone an it said 23:10. I am still trying to gather my thoughts for a follow up post about the last 20 minutes of the show, which were my favourite Ae moment ever (I was drunk as well)!
  5. HOT! Download link https://we.tl/t-M3t6dMtPej
  6. the article I posted before had more photos initially which were then removed. should I post them?
  7. a couple of cool photos here. title of the article, "Autechre were a revelation"... https://www.puzzlemag.gr/oi-autechre/
  8. Got you! That is a proper start... https://goo.gl/maps/1DQ6T1fN1b5mEnSG8
  9. that is exactly what happened to me in 2016. I saw them three times in different locations and the details and micro rhythms kept changing. I thought at the time it was because of the different sound system qualities of the venues but then i heard the soundboard recordings and the rhythms weren't there! The soundboards were "dry" compared to the multi-rhythmic epicness of actually being there! I guess that always happens but the "ambient" nature of most of the 2016 set brought that aspect to the forefront. absolutely amazing!
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