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  1. the fuckin kicks around the 7 minuteish mark. good. real good
  2. TM1 open has some good acid init.
  3. blugh gotta work while listening to this for the first time but hell it is what it is. that track with the cowbell sounded really cool. also vinyl ordered ofc
  4. their cheekiness is off the damn charts
  5. they actually did it. they called their next major release SIGN PLUS. amazing
  6. there is no way they're calling it plus lol
  7. really subtle album all around. most tracks are like this one big in your face thing with everything else hella backgrounded. interesting approach
  8. vinyl showed up in one piece. anyone want this download code
  9. im really digging it. ppl have been expressing disappointment at its supposed straightforwardness but there's a lot of shit going on in these tracks. just cuz it's less abrasive on average doesn't mean there isn't a crazy amount of subtle detail to listen for not that i want to jump on anybody for not liking it. thats a lame thing to do imo
  10. elseq was better about it cuz at least most of the tracks weren't twice as long as they needed to be so it was easy to pick out a great double CD from it
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