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  1. mushroom

    elseq 1-5

    i love freulaeux so much.
  2. tried an impossible whopper today. tasted like a whopper
  3. i think it's just getting slammed, it was reasonably snappy yesterday morning. but yeah not a huge fan of the zoomy interface
  4. oh sweet he updated it. I remember the really old version in flash from way back
  5. damn that's less expensive than just buying a new microwave?
  6. can't wait. Really glad to see so many guests again. I really dug that approach on Gloss Drop (their best IMO) and I thought it was sorely missing with La Di Da Di.
  7. are you carefully counting your calories op?
  8. I bought it when it came out and then lost it at someone elses house like a year later rip.
  9. mmale and ffemale as a whole is an absolutely essential album
  10. in my case I wanted to put Grateful Dead's American Beauty on a usb stick for my car but I only own it on vinyl and CD. and i have a cd player in my car lol. but i needed it with all the other stuff on the usb stick for convenience.
  11. ripping a cd like it's 2007. i guess that's not a mundane everyday occurrence but it kind of used to be
  12. been forcing myself to make a track a week no matter the result and after a month ive come up with some really satisfying sounding stuff that i, at least, really enjoy listening to. after a year maybe ill go through a process of selection/editing/remixing and put something out for other people to listen to.
  13. im going to buy this, and listen to it
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