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  1. mushroom


    awesome dude, i'm hella jealous. I coulda made atlanta or austin but i was just starting a new job
  2. how do i edited post e: i guess theres a time limite??
  3. mushroom

    elseq 1-5

    hmm. Eutow and Leterel I could allow at once... but will have to think more on this.
  4. mushroom

    elseq 1-5

    i wouldnt think of pretty much any autechre track as "summery' but yeah freulaeux mostly fits the bill
  5. mushroom


    Adding: Philadelphia Portland (last 30 minutes in particular is like WHOA)
  6. I don't feel like exercising today, and well, that's that.
  7. maphive 6.1 showed up on my youtube recs so that. great track.
  8. mushroom


    18 of 28 listened to, best ones so far: Atlanta Denver Los Angeles New York
  9. this sounds real nice. I might pick this up when I have some extra money
  10. maybe we'll get anaelord 😄
  11. it kicks ass pce freeze is the epitome of funk
  12. it means you're sane, congratulations
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