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  1. delet was the guy who posted like he was braindamaged right
  2. ive never seen this thread before though. good bump
  3. esc desc is a sad song. but its good sadness
  4. i fuckin love ii.pre esc
  5. i think its the only new music i listened to this year oops
  6. i like the SIGN-ish tracks. good melodies
  7. is there a list of non-album/ep tracks out there? like the jp bonus tracks, remixes, one-offs, etc?
  8. necrobump but holy fuckiing shit this is crazy good. ive never heard of this before nad it just showed up in my youtuve recs
  9. hurr. we touch stuff yall. nobody ever uses the word touch in an ordinary sense to mean microscopic particles literally colliding with each other, thats not what touch means most of the time
  10. mushroom

    SIGN or PLUS?

    idk i kinda just want to listen to them one after the other..
  11. the fuckin kicks around the 7 minuteish mark. good. real good
  12. TM1 open has some good acid init.
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