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  1. im really digging it. ppl have been expressing disappointment at its supposed straightforwardness but there's a lot of shit going on in these tracks. just cuz it's less abrasive on average doesn't mean there isn't a crazy amount of subtle detail to listen for not that i want to jump on anybody for not liking it. thats a lame thing to do imo
  2. elseq was better about it cuz at least most of the tracks weren't twice as long as they needed to be so it was easy to pick out a great double CD from it
  3. lol i meant that as a neutral observation btw. an interesting point of difference between say Oversteps and especially Quaristice, which are both pretty wet
  4. not a lot of reverb on this album
  5. ive listened to it on computer speakers, decent headphones and my sound bar so far. Next is car when i go to my friends house tonight. which i guess will be half of it the way there and half back
  6. like splesh in particular just sounds so fucking weird and it has really good structure and progression, very satisfying track
  7. dude splesh is fucking awesome. the whole run from clustro casual thru g 1 e 1 consists entirely of gold, the absolute peak of that era
  8. im really gonna have to wear out SIGN and then set it aside for a while before i can even think about ranking it
  9. got the wavs but not listening again right away. gonna wait til tonight, let the first listen settle a bit
  10. Metaz form8 was the biggest standout on first listen for sure. kinda like see on see, just hits you over the head
  11. yep found it. downloading now! incredible!!
  12. lol i love all the abrupt stops. great album
  13. very paddy, only a couple of beaty tracks
  14. first time through won't be the best. it'll hit harder later
  15. lol and it just stops. cool anyways this next track is awesome already
  16. dude these sounds are blowing my mind
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