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  1. people I'm trying to rent a house from wont answer the got damn phone. I need a place to live!
  2. its really pretty and constantly changing
  3. mushroom


    im going to buy these and put them all on a usb drive to let my car shuffle thru. so instead of just looping the same album over and over again while im driving like i usually do with a new album ill loop through a bunch of different variations of the same set (?)
  4. cylob mix is crazy good and was one of those "profound effect" tracks when I was younger that you just remember forever.
  5. hello. I remember you. Greetings. How much do you want for the analords
  6. "Not being able to get into Syro" would presuppose, logically, that you listened to it, The Bro.
  7. i thought it was all one girl O_o
  8. That night, we were in that club, fucking disgujsting, whore. e: I know that's not the xmas track. what was up with that though. weird. weirdest part of the album
  9. that xmas track is amazing imo i didnt read any of the thread sorry
  10. mushroom

    elseq 1-5

    ? ..nahh, I have mistaken the symbol: it seemed to me a thoughtful sir, instead it is a desperate one...
  11. mushroom


    damn autechre chill out
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