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  1. mushroom

    elseq 1-5

    i love freulaeux so much.
  2. tried an impossible whopper today. tasted like a whopper
  3. i think it's just getting slammed, it was reasonably snappy yesterday morning. but yeah not a huge fan of the zoomy interface
  4. oh sweet he updated it. I remember the really old version in flash from way back
  5. damn that's less expensive than just buying a new microwave?
  6. can't wait. Really glad to see so many guests again. I really dug that approach on Gloss Drop (their best IMO) and I thought it was sorely missing with La Di Da Di.
  7. are you carefully counting your calories op?
  8. I bought it when it came out and then lost it at someone elses house like a year later rip.
  9. mmale and ffemale as a whole is an absolutely essential album
  10. in my case I wanted to put Grateful Dead's American Beauty on a usb stick for my car but I only own it on vinyl and CD. and i have a cd player in my car lol. but i needed it with all the other stuff on the usb stick for convenience.
  11. ripping a cd like it's 2007. i guess that's not a mundane everyday occurrence but it kind of used to be
  12. been forcing myself to make a track a week no matter the result and after a month ive come up with some really satisfying sounding stuff that i, at least, really enjoy listening to. after a year maybe ill go through a process of selection/editing/remixing and put something out for other people to listen to.
  13. i think in the warp demo tapes they prolly used a lot of synthesizers and drum machines
  14. ooh yeah this bit and the immediately preceding bit are my absolute favorite parts of the live sets. gets me so pumped
  15. cheers mate...cheers mate... cheers mate...
  16. mushroom


    awesome dude, i'm hella jealous. I coulda made atlanta or austin but i was just starting a new job
  17. how do i edited post e: i guess theres a time limite??
  18. mushroom

    elseq 1-5

    hmm. Eutow and Leterel I could allow at once... but will have to think more on this.
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