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    more like something like "WOB, WOB, WOB, WOB, WOB, WOB, WOB, WOB, WOBWOBWOBWOBWOBWOBWOBWOBWOB" edit: this bit (19:26 timestamp):
  2. mushroom


    i'm also enjoying the occasional appearances of the t1a1 cat
  3. mushroom


    my favorite part of these live sets so far is the big booming wobble bass part
  4. posting in this thread because the new forums forgot i did.
  5. I don't really care about it in this context cuz it's not determining what content you see, or in what order, etc. it's still an old fashioned message board in terms of the order and categorization of content, unlike something like Twitter or Reddit where the stuff that gets liked more is what you see more of, and so on
  6. twitter embed appears fine for me also e: post 420 whoo
  7. my av is black instead of transparent. arrgh e: phew crisis averted. now my av is merely badly cropped but I don't feel like doing better
  8. cool I didnt know you could just reupload your av. but I was mainly just posting because the forum forgot I posted in hjere
  9. soundcloud players in people's sigs are now gigantic
  10. a compact theme would be lovely
  11. desktop currently, but I am curious to see the mobile layout
  12. yeah. everything as a whole seems kinda...big
  13. can the subforum selection not be a checkbox filter thingy? is that possible?
  14. the pop up notification for you quoting me just now was cool
  15. Weird edit: thoroughly not enjoying the checkbox thing for subforums
  16. darn, girls doing things that aren't exciting for you. how terrible
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