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  1. The Campfire headphase was my first electronic music album, along with Datach'i's "we are always well thank you" It took me a long time to get into it. After i bought a bunch of Aphex Twin and The Orb, I finally got into it. Oscar See Through Red Eye was the song that got me into the album. I don't think its a pile of effects, i think they all run pretty well together. I think most of the other songs are brilliant too, i didn't think much of Dayvan Cowboy at first, but when they came out with the music vid, it somehow changed my view. Dayvan Cowboy is now one of my favorite BOC songs, tied with many others. Every other song on this album seems really well placed, and it all goes together really well. The only track i can say i dont like that much is A Moment Of Clarity, kind of bores me. Oh yeah, another great track is Macquarie Ridge. If you haven't heard it, it's worth searching for, unlike From One Source All Things Depend from Geogaddi. A bit of trivia, Macquarie is an island south of Australia, i wonder if it had anything to do with the title.
  2. dear lord...you've made my day. That tree's frickin beautiful, whoes pic. is that?
  3. WOW, its actually genuine BOC. It sounds like a remix of a cross between "devil is in the details" and "Roy G. Biv" Thank you for this VERY USEFUL info. And thank you for not wasting our time, it's obvious you trying to help everyone on this forum!
  4. yeah, the density of BOC fans in the U.S. is too low. If they had one big concert in some place in the middle of the U.S., most BOC fans from around the nation would come. We should have it in Iowa, out in a cornfield, lol
  5. Yeah, it wouldn't be nice if it was from something new, or just the fact that they made it. It just be cool if it was something they made that was unheard of. <- Thats what i meant.
  6. I've tried to do a bit of research on this, but i haven't got much. On another forum they were talking about the Campfire Headphase, i think shortly after or before it came out. People were giving track listings and supposedly, there was a whole bunch of fake CD's or something rather. People kept saying something about a hidden track after farewell fire, and i dont think it had anything to do with Maquarie Ridge. "Would You Like to Play" was listed as a hidden track. The song clashes with the rest of that album, so i dont think it has anything to do with that album. Still not sure if it's BOC, But i doubt it Heres the link to that forum conversation. http://www.stereogum.com/archives/001704.html
  7. boards_of_canada___would_you_like_to_play.mp3 This track is titled Would You Like To Play? and the album is titled "Promo 2005" I got it off of soulseek, so it might not be real. Be nice if it was though. Oppinions?
  8. Yes, and I am only selling BoC records, so this is really important. There is a huge market for their music in my town, but people will only buy from my store if the genre sounds cool. Perhaps something ending in "core". Also, for a promotion, I will be giving out red moon t-shirts. People won't get it at first, but I am sure they will thank me later. Since I will be selling only BoC, I need to find what else they have done. All I have now are MHTRTC and TCH. I would sell Geogaddi, but it has weird voices and stuff in it. I heard they have some secret albums, called twoism and beautiful countries or something, but I can't find them anywhere. Oh well, I guess two cds will have to do. There are many more albums besides TCH, MHTRTC, and geogaddi. If you want to buy albums you can go to the warprecords site. Heres the link. http://www.warprecords.com/ Click Albums and then any sky-blue colored tab. Theres also a Hi Scores CD by them too, it's label was SKAM. As far as i know, you can buy that on amazon.com.
  9. I agree with you, its easy just to mess around with music, but actually making a complete song takes devotion and some patience too
  10. Via SoulSeek you should be able to find all of these songs, but not getting those two from OT1 is strange as it's more common than OT2. But you try SoulSeek! and about the very early releases - dunno if anyone here ever will get to listen to them to a full extent :( yeah, idk why i haven't found Wendy Miller or Paul Russel's Piece, i actually have soulseek, but every user that has the tracks that i DO have from old tunes 1 also are missing Wendy Miller and Paul Russel's Piece.
  11. yeah, but it's always cool to see how a bands music evolves..
  12. yeah i agree, they've always been a little "mysterious" live shows would take a little bit of that away.
  13. Where did you get your tracks? I got mine off of p2p networks as individidual songs, not a set or directly connecting to someone elses. I just haven't found them. I'd really like to have the tracks Wendy Miller and Paul Russels Piece, so i can complete the vol. 1 album
  14. Well, i've been looking for about a month for these, still haven't found them, or seen anybody mention them. From Old Tunes 1 -Wendy Miller -Paul Russel's Piece From Old tunes 2 -Jimbo Rehearsing -iraq says/nine-rubber wisdom -Short Interlude -Hi Scores (Old Version) and more... but i haven't looked to hard for them And every album before that, but i dont expect to find those. Also, is Litter Duty a song by BOC? I've seen it in a few places but am not sure if its them.
  15. At least your optimistic...
  16. murve33


    weird, is there a COB Maxima? lol
  17. I was wondering if there are any other rare albums by BOC that are possible to get? Besides BOC Maxima and Few Old Tunes 1 & 2. It would be cool to hear some oppinions on these albums too.
  18. 'kick ass violin solo' omg thats like one of his best songz evar d00d! peeple say he rote that after putting in a bid on sum rare sheet music by baytoven Actually, Outside kick ass violin solo is by the artist "Outside" (Thus the title of the track), I feel bad for him, RDJ got a lot of credit for that track.
  19. I can understand people not liking certain Boards of Canada Songs, But Actually calling them Shit? That's a little too extreme. Amo Bishop Roden and Dayvan Cowboy are among my favorites, and i think Music is Math is one of the best on Geogaddi. Now if i had to pick Boards of Canada i dont like, it would be Niagra on the BOC Maxima; its just weird, and not in a good way...
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