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  1. Well, if solitaire card games are her thing Solitude for Windows is pretty amazing. It contains 91 solitaire games. (I haven't verified the link, but I have played the game in the past). http://solitude-for-windows.softwareandgames.com/ My favorite is "Bowling Solitaire", which was made by big-name board game developer Sid Sackson.
  2. Last post on the subject, I don't want to get the thread locked/moved/deleted. I have, but the review was nothing like what rixxx was stating, and I knew my girlfriend had masturbated a good deal before we were banging, leading to my curiosity. Sorry if I crossed a line by the way, rixxx. One cannot have these conversations with random women irl, and judging by your past posts, you seemed approachable/intelligent/open enough to ask.
  3. I was beginning to think I was the only fan of him on this forum.
  4. Christ, were you one of those weird ladies who never masturbated or something? Haven't you heard this type of story from another woman before? Most women I know (who were very much "solo-active" before!) had a similar experience loosing their virginity. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with whether they masturbated a lot or not. I had one girlfriend who hadn't had sex before, and she was the only girl I know who actually went "Oh this is great, wow, I never imagined!" etc ... and that was unexpected. It's more common for it to be kinda lame/painful for women the first few times. I'd heard it in old mythology and shit like that; Hymens-a-bleeding and a lot of pain and such. I just assumed if you wanked that hymen away you wouldn't have that something ripping feeling. Sure a bit of pain, but what rixxx is describing sounds rather dramatic, hence my question. Well it is quite uncommon in this day and age, wouldn't you say? It's weird if anyone doesn't masturbate, unless you were raised to think your naughty bits are sinful or something like that. I'd be pretty uneasy about banging a lady who had no personal experience with her own body.
  5. Christ, were you one of those weird ladies who never masterbated or something?
  6. Mahotella Queens - Meet the Mahotella Queens: 60's music out of South Africa. Their harmonies are lovely, and their contrast with whats-his-face's weird-ass baritone throaty voice really work. A great feel good record, 9/10 MadToons Beat Orchestra - Self Titled: I thought Reaching Quiet, Miss Ohio's Nameless, and The Split EP were Why? and Odd Nosdams only collaborations, but there's this single as well. Track 1 is perfect. Why? uses an array of goofy voices throughout the track which is put to Nosdam's more old school production style. Track 2 is alright. 9/10 Strut Records Sampler: There's some good and some bad. Either way it's free, so go download it.
  7. There was no music during the actual banging, but when I bought the condoms and stole some other birth control from Wal-Mart I listened to cLOUDDEAD's Three-Twenty. Listening to that song, walking home at 3 in the morning on a school night, eating a zebra cake, and thinking, "Holy shit, I'm going to fuck my girlfriend", is a memory I'll never forget.
  8. 1. Soit-P.P. - n.IASP 2. Two Lone Swordsmen - We Discordians (Must Stick Apart) 3. Locust Toybox - I Dreamt an Afro 4. Matthew Friedberger 0 Long Live the Other One 5. Butthole Surfers - U.S.S.A. 6. Cardopusher - Shockansorber 7. Modest Mouse - Teeth Like God's Shoeshine 8. Hymie's Basement - America Won 9. Sumach - Flamingo Gimp 03 10. Casino Versus Japan - nuclear weapons were invented in 1945 (part 5)
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMfw9k5O94w Don't forget this gem.
  10. Nice, he looks like a p cool dude. I will await in anticipation. I've been reworking a Turtle Simulator for VB.NET that I made in qbasic 7 years ago. Here are some screenshots. The darker shots are him in the Pet Store (Prison).
  11. Oh yea, can't forget amen break Bowie. Edit: Agh, please ignore that video though.
  12. The tracks where Bradford is using that "Gritty" voice or whatever the hell he's going for are just awful. Rest of the tracks are so repetitively poppy. Like Jules said, almost sounds bad on purpose. What a disappointment.
  13. Post count would be a poor measure in my opinion. We have some great members on this forum who have been with us for years with fairly low post counts, and we have some pretty horrendous newer members with high post counts (and also some good ones). As far as QOTSA goes, Songs for the Deaf is fantastic. Everything else is pretty dull. Them Crooked Vultures is the shit though (kind of).
  14. Wind chimes and squawking saxophone solos. Paramounts of cheese.
  15. Yea this. The deletion of Fred's thread/Fred is what got this thread going, and Fred's thread was sfw. Just not "Vanilla". The only nsfw beef I have is nsfw mspaints not being allowed. If they were spoilertagged they wouldn't bother anyone. Or not, since several members don't even listen to Boards of Canada. It's only one album anyway; how much will there really be to talk about? There's a lot more to this community than IDM love.
  16. Keep me posted. That goes for any of ya'll. I'm always interested in watmm's indie-game-making endeavors.
  17. Nevermind, umop_apisdn's post says it all.
  18. I remembered one. "Pulling a Joyrex" refers to using the shower instead of toilet paper after defecating. I remember Joyrex referring to doing this in some thread and the first reply after it was "Joyrex, eww." I suppose it explains his adversity to poop threads
  19. Surely you don't think by asking people to operate within a set of guidelines while they participate on a forum is going to dull their creative tendencies? Are you honestly trying to convince me that unless somebody can post tits and talk about sharting they're not going to be as creative? Bollocks. I for one am completely alright with not having nice tits/butts threads (gave the place a boy's club feel), and the fact that I can browse this forum at school without running the risk of NSFW content coming up on my computer is great. However, the discussions being closed aren't all about "tits and sharting", nor are they NSFW. While Fred's feet licking topic may have apparently gone sour, there was nothing inherently wrong with it. Rather, it was members getting out of line that were the problem. Wouldn't it have been more appropriate to send members who were violating the rules a warning, versus closing down a perfectly decent thread? Also, this forum not allowing NSFW mspaint drawings anymore is a shame. As long as NSFW content is in a spoiler tag who can complain? While I support some of the censorship that you are doing, Joyrex, I think you are going overboard. This is a forum that celebrates a music genre whose featured artists sample porn and have a pretty left-of-field sense of humor, not a forum that celebrates Adult Contemporary.
  20. If I'm invested in a few threads I end up posting a lot (like right now). Otherwise, I usually just keep tabs on "Few Albums Recently Listened", read the political threads, and then leave.
  21. Yea, I thought this would get break down like a tournament style elimination thing (like most IDM). I guess everyone just figured Photodementia would win so no one cared.
  22. I feel like where you're currently at music-listening-wise is where I'm trying to move myself. For a while I was caught up in trying to make myself like the big or new Warp and Bleep names, but there's so much other music out there that I've given up on that. Plus, the new electronic scene really doesn't jive with me. So, I've been trying to get into non-western music (a lot of thanks goes to posts in the Albums Recently Listened thread) which has been a nice experience. Some day I hope to be able to just focus on honing my taste. While streaming and spotify seems to work well for a lot of people, my major issue with it is that I feel so much of the listening experience gets lost in it. When you listen to an album over and over you start picking up on every little detail, and you form an intimate relationship of sorts with the music, not to mention you get to experience the flow of the album as a whole. For example, I listened to Neil Young's "Like an Inca" yesterday, and I just noticed how cool the ending guitar solo is. I've listened to that album (Trans) so many times in my life, but I'm still noticing details. Then again, maybe I'm just slow. Also, lol at your Hard drive crashing, and then you going off and exploring a bunch of new music. Sounds like a "material possessions holding you back" kind of thing. Jeferoo: Agreed in regards to Bowie. I'll probably be able to find new things in his music until I die. Foil: Yea, same here. Poppier stuff in the summer and darker stuff in the winter. Probably because winter depresses me, so that makes sense. I wish last.fm had a chart where you could see how your musical tastes change by the season.
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