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  1. Ha, I love Snake-n-Bacon. I wish adult swim would make it into a show.
  2. where are you getting your first statement from? Who cares?
  3. Edit: To build off of what Eugene said Yes, there is a good bit of truth to that article. The wage gap that is determined by overall men's versus women's salleries is a poor measurement, because men are more likely to take jobs on oil rigs and other dangerous high paying jobs. I would argue that the wage gap is pretty minimal in the working class/blue-collar workplaces. But, beyond that, there is certainly an unfair wage gap. Especially at the corporate level.
  4. I'm with you. It's a term that's been tarnished by Lesbian-Feminism Extremists, and Rightists who think that all feminists are Lesbian-Feminism Extremists. I've heard many female co-workers say something like "I'm not a feminist, I just think women and men should have equal rights". Edit: I'm pretty sure humanism has a definition that's somewhat different from feminism. If it didn't, I feel like you'd hear that term thrown around a lot more than "feminism" since more people would be more apt to get behind it.
  5. Quit your bitchin' and and post something.
  6. These are really hard to read: http://www.paperrad.org/ben/roba.html More of Alfe and Horace: http://www.paperrad.org/alfe/cartoons.html Otherwise all I can think of are PBF, Plastic Brick Automaton, and Seanbaby.
  7. Just got this in the mail today, and I love it. It's going to get a lot of playtime this summer.
  8. Definitely not. Though last year we had a 50 degree Christmas, so the weather's been odd the past couple of years. Here's what it should be.
  9. I've been working for a flower merchandising company for the past week. The pay is nice and I'm supposed to be getting 18 hours/week (Student loans are taking care of the rest). But, it's been snowing/freezing raining here for a while, and no one is going to buy/plant flowers when it's snowing/freezing raining out. So, I've worked 3 hours total. I'm so broke.
  10. Nice! I'll have to pick one up then. Ludwig Persik - Ludwig Persik 2012 EP: I took my brother to a Jamie Lidell concert last Saturday for his birthday, and Ludwig was the first opening act. I was very impressed. My brother and I both ended up buying his EP and we got it signed. The production was done by Jamie Lidell, but the psychedelic guitars are all Ludwig. His voice kind of reminds of Bradford Cox, but his sound is a bit more crisp and funky than Deerhunter's. Good stuff. I've listened to the EP four times since then. 9/10
  11. Damn, that album looks great. I'm gonna go broke from checking this thread too often. Edit: Aw damn. Didn't realize it was an mp3 only release.
  12. Those are great! Man, he works fast. Also, it's cool that you'll have a day pic and a night pic.
  13. Oh cool, I haven't seen this yet. Yes, his music is great, and he has a few surreal flash animations floating around the internet. I always liked this one. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/160059
  14. Nice, definitely going to have to get this. I love me some highlife, and I doubt I've previously listened to any of the more unknown artists.
  15. There were pretty much two types of movies that Ebert would give a thumbs up to: 1. Good films 2. Mediocre films with boobs in them Here's to consistency; he'll be missed.
  16. I've been curious about this as well, and Smet's reply certainly wasn't the reply I was hoping for. I feel there is a lot more to these threats from North Korea than "The new guy just wants to look like a strong leader". Edit: Well this quote seems to answers my question (still curious if lifting sanctions would improve relations though): http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2013/02/12/north_korea_is_a_nuclear_power
  17. Dayum, Nebraska. You've been getting your music history on.
  18. Congratulations, Lumpy!
  19. This is where I'm at. No doubt that the Rogue Planet is IDM as fuck, but last year we had Incomplete Skyscrapers (big stuff) now we have a massive planet (big stuff). A change of pace would be nice. In regards to Bio-Trees messing with sleep cycles, I doubt they'd be any more disruptive than street lights (probably less so). Worst case scenario, birds would go live in non-bioluminescent trees.
  20. Tell me what is not IDM about a world lit by trees? And it's not a completely far-fetched idea, some guy actually developed a bioluminescent Christmas Tree.
  21. Yea, it's a perfect blend of Technology and Nature. Plus, a world lit by organic light sources is very Sci-Fi. I thought IDM'ers loved that kind of thing.
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