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    I read that one a few years ago. The way he describes the drug + dolls scene on mars was dreamy. I can't remember the ending though. I really recommend The Divine Invasion and UBIK, if you're planning on getting more Dick. I just opened Sid Sackson's Beyond Tic-Tac-Toe, which is just a book of pen-and-paper boardgames. I've always been a board game enthusiast, so I'm excited. The games I've read are already really cool. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3937/beyond-tic-tac-toe I also bought his co-op board game book, but I haven't read through it yet.
  2. eels - Electroshock Blues: This album was created after E's sister committed suicide and his mother passed away in the same year. As a result, the album is more depressing than their usual output (though he stays optimistic). It's a beautiful listen, and executed wonderfully in their accessible yet unique style. 8 or 9 or something decent out of 10. The Caretaker - Extra Patience (After Sebald) & Selected Memories from the Haunted Ballroom: Extra Patience (After Sebald) is great if you're a Caretaker fan boy. SMFTHB is a lot better than I expected it to be, since it was made somewhat earlier in his career (1999). The usual gloomy ballroom music and a few gritty tracks that remind me more of his work under "The Stranger". I definitely recommend it if you're a fan of Kirby's work. Odd Nosdam - if grill du rot & vol. 7.1: Two short 15-minute EPs, consisting of tracks from his old releases, and several tracks that I hadn't heard before (dunno if they're new or just unreleased). Either way, they're both free, so head over to bandcamp and git yurself a cappy. http://nosdam.bandcamp.com/
  3. Ah shit, I don't think anyone nominated this. Man, the Slime Mold fans were so passionate last year. It looks as if its following has dwindled this year Here's a huge one in someone's bathroom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8u5VAv0ZSI And here's an oldy but goody of a slime mold replicating the Tokyo Rail-way system. Here's a channel devoted to Slime Mold videos. http://www.youtube.com/channel/HCraFr5ImTxmw/videos
  4. Most of his tracks aren't just solely field recordings, but Of is really good (and impossible to google, so look up Loren Chasse). His old albums are the best, especially The Buried Stream. http://www.discogs.com/Of-The-Buried-Stream/release/747078
  5. Everything I said is in line with this definition: "This term is also used to describe the treatment of a human being as a thing, disregarding his/her personality or sentience. Philosopher Martha Nussbaum[1] has argued that something is objectified if any of the following factors are present: -Instrumentality – if the thing is treated as a tool for one's own purposes; -Denial of autonomy, Inertness – if the thing is treated as if lacking in agency or self-determination; -Ownership – if the thing is treated as if owned by another; -Fungibility – if the thing is treated as if interchangeable; -Violability – if the thing is treated as if permissible to damage or destroy; -denial of subjectivity – if the thing is treated as if there is no need to show concern for the 'object's' feelings and experiences." Edit: Read my paragraph directly below your quote again. I would argue that you are not treating someone as an object if you care about how they feel as well, and like I said, "not just a fuck doll".
  6. Well put. I've met a lot of men who would refer to themselves as "one of the good guys", and they genuinely do think of women as equals (more or less). But, once they'd meet a woman they'd want to pursue a relationship with, it'd always come down to "I'd fuck that". They'd "Fall in love" with her for a while and drunkenly rant about their tits and what they'd do to them in bed (similar to this thread). They'd hardly know these women, they would just continually run into them at class or parties, think they're attractive, and then wouldn't be able to stop thinking of them. The problem with this is that after this moment, they'd be incapable of being able to pursue a healthy relationship with this person. The only thing they knew about these women were that their mannerisms tickled their fancy, and that they were fuckable. The goal for them at this point wasn't to get to know her better, but just to get with her. Perhaps if you're simply using them solely for your own sexual pleasure, but if there's a mutual goal of making sex feel mind-blowingly awesome for one-another, I would argue that that's not objectification. I would hope that if someone is having sex with someone that they are still regarding the other as a sentient human being with personality and feelings, and not just a fuck doll. And yea, sexual fantasies, with some exceptions, are objectification in my opinion. I may trade in my credibility in exchange for sounding like a fucking weirdo with these following statements, but I've always tended to fantasize/wank to attractive girls who I didn't particularly like. Whenever I've had a crush on someone I wouldn't wank to thoughts of them (though I lucid dreamed about fucking my current girlfriend a few months before we started dating). I felt that this would cloud my thoughts with images of constantly banging them, much like what I described in the my first paragraph, and I wouldn't be able to look at them as a human being with feelings (which would definitely kill any chances I'd have with them). I also felt it was sort of disrespectful. I have fantasized/wanked to thoughts of my current girlfriend tons of times, but I love and know her intimately, and she obviously is cool with that. In regards to what goDel said; If a guy is ogling a lady and she doesn't care, no, that's not hurting anyone. But if the guy wants to get with the girl and all he sees is the embodiment of sex in her, that's not exactly beneficial for either party. I take back what I said about the female members of this forum being hyper-sensitive. This thread is obviously bothering a lot of the male members as well.
  7. You have answered inconsistently on too many control-questions Well, that was a waste of time.
  8. Damn, a google search for Trustice brings me to either Datach'i's soundcloud, or this thread. I'm really anticipating this album. And hey, Datach'i! wearealwayswellthankyou was the first electronic album I ever bought (I bought it because I recognized your name from David Firth's Burnt Face Man Cartoon). Thanks for the good times, I still remember the first time I ever listened to "Merrily We Roll Along".
  9. Optiganally Yours - Exclusively Talentmaker: The instrumentation of this album was made with disc-based keyboards. I really love the sound of the Optigan. So many loungey beats and melodies can come out of it. If I had found this album in high-school I would have been all over it. Themes of introversion and heartbreak and all that. I can still put myself into those shoes though, so I suppose it works for me. Instrumentation-wise, this album is beautiful. The song "Held" has a fantastic high "violin" part. Makes me swoon. Portishead - Third: I think this is my favorite album by them, I always fluctuate between this one and the self-titled. The droney depressing production and the departure from Trip-Hop (for the most part) really makes it stand out on its own. I've probably listened to We Carry On at least 50 times. 10/10 Junichi Masuda - Pokemon Red/Blue OST: I've always been astounded by how catchy and full things songs sound, yet there are no beats whatsoever. I dug out my Pokemon Master Trainer board game and played it with friends recently, using our modified rules set. We'd play the battle music when we'd try to catch a pokemon and so on. Nerdy good time. Matthew Friedberger - The Diabolical Principle: Four 20 minute tracks consisting of a mixes of the songs found in his recent 8-album "Solos" series (which I subscribed to). There are some beautiful moments from a mixing point of view (nice transitions and so on). Nice set-back music. I really recommend this album to anyone who hasn't listened to Matt previous. My girlfriend has fallen in love with the Japanese New Wave bands I've been obsessing over (especially Picky Picnic). I'm so happy.
  10. I picture her playing an Alpha Juno looming above the rats while they slowly try to crawl away, until the intensity of the tone breaks their spines.
  11. that's odd, i thought the hypersensitive ones in this thread were mostly men. Eh, you started the cry-fest when you called everyone creepy (some deservingly so, but I'd argue Lumpy's OP is innocent in itself, minus the sheer amount of youtube links). Some people in here have a slight celebrity crush on a charming lady, the others just want to wank to her personality boobs and fantasize about being with her boobs forever. Only half of that group is creepy. I need to stop before I come off as hyper-sensitive.
  12. Psh, they're not remotely psytrance. That light pale blue glow is more along the lines of Casino Versus Japan downtempo, Micro-house, or ambient glitch like early Oval or Julien Neto. Psytrance..... the NERVE... Pshh.......
  13. I'm gonna be lame and nominate the same 2 things I always nominate. Bioluminescent Trees (They could replace streetlights! Come on!) Slime Molds (As IDM as it gets, and it would make a great compilation) All of the info you really need is in one of Root5's posts. http://forum.watmm.com/topic/72771-2012-most-idm-tournament/?p=1786859 Edit: Fuck yea, Quaggas, Mudskippers, and Lungfish. I'll also nominate the Japanese Spider Crab for good measure. And no, it's not extinct.
  14. She's very charming. Man, a perfectly innocent thread gone sour. Watmm, you're weird and I don't know how to feel about you anymore. Evolution of watmm 1. Hyper-sexual 2. Boy's Club 3. Introverted secret Boy's club with hyper-sensitive females frowning in the corner (sometimes understandably, but not in this case). It just gets worse and worse.
  15. I hate performance art, but this is amazing. Crazy how fucked up he can make himself look with clay and paint.
  16. 1. The Fiery Furnaces - Ex-Guru 60 2. Tobacco - Fresh Hex (feat. Beck) 58 3. Radar Bros. - Quarry 48 4. Odd Nosdam - Untitled 46 4. Matthew Friedberger - Under the Hood at the Paradise Garage 46 6. Picky Picnic - Pig! Me! Oh! Mambo! 44 6. Matthew Friedberger - Seventh Loop Highway 44 8. Matthew Friedberger - Ruth Vs. Rachel 43 9. The Fiery Furnaces - Tropical Ice-Land 41 9. Tobacco - Dirt (featuring Aesop Rock) 41 11. The Fiery Furnaces - Rub-Alcohol Blues 40 12. Matthew Friedberger - The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company Resignation Letter 39 13. Tobacco - Street Trash 38 14. Matthew Friedberger - Her Chinese Typewriter 37 14. Lorn - Tomorrow 37 16. David Bowie - Black Country Rock 35 17. The Strokes - Reptilia 34 17. The Strokes - The End Has No End 34 17. The Fiery Furnaces - We Got Back the Plague 34 17. Matthew Friedberger - Motorman 34 17. Deerhunter Desire Lines 34 22. Matthew Friedberger - Up The River 33 23. Them Crooked Vultures - Spinning in Daffodils 32 23. Tobacco Constellation - Dirtbike Head 32 25. Boards of Canada - Turquoise Hexagon Sun 31 25. The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog This really only documents the past 3 years. Haven't been into IDM as much as I once was. Top 25 of the past year is far more varied, but I can't seem to get the spoiler thing to work, so fuck it.
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_on_Drugs
  18. Commercials really stress me out. Driving continually makes me fear death. The American Education system. The American Meat Industry. Wal-mart, and the fact that cities just let them destroy their business district Parking Lots with no median for trees The fact that every "Nature Park" in my town is built along a highway Islamophobia People who aren't feminists Radical feminists who are sexist towards men (Lesbian-Feminism) The Vagina Monologues (See Lesbian-Feminism) The words "feminism" and "feminist" The American Justice System The CIA People who believe America are always "The Good Guys" And of course, slow walkers. I could go on and on, but I'd rather dwell on the things I like.
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    Gah, why can I not be as eloquent as that?
  20. Dayum, that Glider Rider song is sweet.
  21. Oh, didn't think of the C64. The M.U.L.E. theme is so catchy. Way better than the Atari version too. I missed that you posted this specifically. Any time I see strobing Christmas lights, or a flashy downtown district I think of this song. SO GOOD! That soundtrack also had a gabber track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVoy6hDlROI
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