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  1. Parhelic Triangle: percussion sampled from rubbers bands in a shoebox into an EMU, with crappy timing due to shit playing of gamelan gongs. To be fair, he did answer my Q, and he thinks round rooms are shit acoustically.
  2. fucked me right up that last one. epiiiic!
  3. Official measure of which lad is hotter. https://aefestival.gr/festival_events/autechre/ (Live at the Acropolis!)
  4. Message received by Patricia.
  5. One of my favourites for it's juxaposition between classic sweeping Vengelis pads, flutes, and African drumming.
  6. so i just rang the lads up who just putting the finishing touches on their next 3 LPs to be released in the Age of Gemini (3x2 = 6) and they defo confirmed that this would get a release sometime after these LPs likely on the 6th June 6666 which makes for 6 6s or thirty SIX hence 666.
  7. immediately the track I went for on hearing the news. big sads, too young, too early 😞
  8. Kid Lukie


    gosh warp will sign just about anyone these days
  9. Would love to get a proper release of this! The CHANEL 2021/22 Métiers d’art show by Virginie Viard took place inside 𝘭𝘦19M, the new Parisian building created by CHANEL dedicated to the Fashion Métiers d’art. The model, musician and CHANEL ambassador Soo Joo Park AKA Ether joined Daniel Lopatin on stage after walking the show to sing the finale song of the artist’s exclusive soundtrack especially composed for the collection. Tracklist: Crystallization music by Daniel Lopatin, performed by Daniel Lopatin Wou music by Daniel Lopatin, performed by Daniel Lopatin Strings and Diamonds music by Daniel Lopatin, performed by Daniel Lopatin Clavier Story music by Daniel Lopatin, performed by Daniel Lopatin Haenim - DL Rework music by Joong Hyeon Shin, Johnny Jewel, Ether, Daniel Lopatin performed by Ether and Daniel Lopatin 1221 - DL Rework music by Ether and Daniel Lopatin, performed by Ether and Daniel Lopatin
  10. Autechre's music is too pure? I mean, if their recent stuff is just machine algorithms generating tones, then it's really just an sonification of mathematics, a pure universal language, where maths is too dense for a good number of people. Maybe Autechre should stick to y=mx+c if they want to produce sanitised pop music.
  11. A copy of XXXXXX sold in June this year for $2500 https://blog.discogs.com/en/most-expensive-items-sold-in-discogs-marketplace-june-2021/?utm_source=dashboard&utm_medium=dash&utm_campaign=Top_30_2021_08_05
  12. Kid Lukie


    Non-Males?! In MY Autechre fanbase? More likely than you think.
  13. Pretty sure Ae just randomise their maxmsp modules and press play and out pops like 20 albums. Why don't they just fookin' have a perma-livestream these days and charge people $1/sec is beyond me.
  14. Let's just say it was ahead of its time and we'll call it a day.
  15. Sold my Roland SH-101 about 15 years ago for about $500. Needed some money quick to pay for car accident repairs. I miss it constantly, and the prices these days for it meant I really undersold a solid investment! Ah well, Behringer MS-101 here I come.
  16. I feel very safe knowing that this will only be used as advertised for target practice on wood, plastic and stone objects. I also feel very safe that I don't live in the USA.
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