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  1. https://open.spotify.com/album/0PHVIdlkceOpjYgvUER4Nd?si=YBE3aETdTHOclx0fsfE-qA
  2. You mean being binary is the new non binary??? Weird comment. People on this board give off an EXTREMELY old white straight male vibe
  3. Are these all on Spotify? All except Orlando and Philadelphia are on Apple Music in my territory for some reason..
  4. currently blasting Atlanta it is fucking amaaaaeZing
  5. This is unbelievable these sets are something really special
  6. Seems it's the whole US tour we are getting! Yesssss!
  7. If that's Autechre, I'm Mozart
  8. The wording of this is curious; "a set of 10 postcards featuring all the variations for the live sets available so far on the AE_STORE" SO FAR... Makes me think the new tour will be released soon!!
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