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  1. Yeah I got mine cheap because the electrolytics had popped and I had a few months of harmonious operation before I started getting noise issues. It will also crash, overheat and refuse to boot up pretty frequently. I’m wondering if I could just drop a readymade PSU in there with the same specs. Sucks, but I don’t miss it so much after I swapped it out of the rack for a second Quadraverb.
  2. I have a V-Verb here and was using it with a Quadraverb in the exact same way - unlike the QV it’s really good for tight, vivid sounding rooms - but my repair job didn’t quite take and now it “works” but spews out a really ugly whine over the analog outs. Huge bummer that they put a lot of effort into designing original reverb algos and then made the final product out of tinfoil, hot glue, etc.
  3. The only difference is that the GT adds some insanely shitty analog effects (distortion/preamp/compressor). Once you bypass those, it's exactly the same as a QV plus. I sysexed the Quadraverb presets to the GT and couldn't any difference between the two once I matched the input gain.
  4. Mainly just dual wielding Quadraverbs ATM.
  5. A used Quadraverb is a better stereo processor than any pedal in its price range, it's a no brainer if you're already using rack gear.
  6. Bumping to say that I'll be updating this with the recent Mixlr stuff when I have time (still working ATM). At 53 hours now!
  7. Dope. It looks like Nanoloop GBA in a box!
  8. I have compiled a Spotify playlist of music R&S have played on webcasts, radio shows and mixes dating all the way back to 1991, based on tracklists assembled by users here and elsewhere. Spotify's library is too patchy for this to be anywhere close to comprehensive, but I figured it'd be of use anyway. Link!
  9. I have a Zoom R16 I got for cheap and tolerate it well enough. Editing and mixing on it seems insanely fiddly but I'm happy enough just using it as a .wav recorder.
  10. The new Analogue Pocket has built-in Nanoloop and looks very cash. I'm glad they've gone with the NL2 sound engine (64kpbs LP5 rip) over NL1 (TRASH).
  11. The recent firmware updates have been essential – this thread is a good read for anyone who wants to dig into how the ratio offsets open things up. Getting some crispy tones from the wavefolding trick a few scrolls down.
  12. Absolutely. It seems daunting, but synth designers are usually pretty generous in providing flow diagrams that show how the basic components (VCO, VCF, LFO, etc) of their designs interact with each other. If you're using something like VCV (which is completely free btw!) or the Nord it then just becomes a matter of replicating that flow of components. Even if you don't come close to an exact emulation, you'll usually hit on something interesting and will have learned a lot in the process. The Nord in particular is great for this kind of thing because the interface is dead simple, there are thousands of patches online that you can reverse engineer, and the actual machine won't crash if you hook something up the wrong way. I even made a passable emulation of my Minibrute on it because I got sick of having to clear space on my desk to set it up.
  13. estragon

    Now Reading

    Just picked this up. I wish NYRB would put out more speculative/genre fiction because they do a really good job of it – the Aickman collection they put out last year was excellent.
  14. You'll have some trouble finding a pre-built alternative, especially since the Lyra-8 is so specific in its interface and method of interaction. My advice would be to study the manual and try and replicate the functions in VCV Rack – you could even fake some of the touch elements using the built-in gamepad interface in VCV.
  15. New update really opens things up, anyone had a crack at multimap yet?
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