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    I became a fan in early 2015 and I have to say I'm feeling blessed to have become a fan right at that time lol. it feels like we're living in the golden age of Autechre tbqfh like they just went super saiyan these last 4-5 years releasing an insane amount of music and nearly all of it ranks among the best of their discography imo. I think they've reached a new zenith in a career that already has so many high points, and as much as I love every one of their releases over the years the most recent stuff is on another level. Both on a musical and artistic level, and on a technical level - their current computer system for creating music is such a mindblowing collection of software and no one in the world can understand it but them. I honestly can't get over it, it's so fucking exciting to be listening to this music, it honestly brings me a lot of joy. also have to say it's insane that the size of their releases is practically exponentially increasing. I'm pretty sure they're gonna keep going until they cause a singularity
  2. jetski


    Nice post, made me pop on the Atlanta set. I feel like AI might be the wrong way to describe their system, although, like you, I have a very limited understanding of it. They talk about it at the end of their Resident Advisor interview a few years back (https://www.residentadvisor.net/features/2756), and the whole interview is really good too. All of the decisions that are made in max regarding sound-design, sequencing, and arrangement seem to be the product of human decisions that are programmed into the software by Autechre, at least that was my take-away. They talk about markov chains and AI in the interview, but it seems like knowledge of some AI has informed their decisions rather than the system utilizing artificial intelligence proper. More like art official intelligence, amiright? I remember this interview, such a good one! I'll have to reread it. you're probably right that AI isn't the most accurate way to describe it. Like the actual logic of the system is probably more dictated by those decisions that they've programmed into it. it's definitely still generative and unpredictable, but it's not like the machine is entirely responsible for coming up with the ideas, it's really based off of those human decisions. I love the quote in that interview (at least I think it's from that interview) where they say that even though it's a computer system it's actually really human because of those decisions embedded into it. I think that's so true, the music has an extremely fluid and dynamic quality that feels really human - it's like the electronic equivalent of a virtuoso musician who's memorized every inch of his instrument and has an insanely precise degree of control over every aspect of the sound Anyway if i'm wrong about any of this then anyone feel free to correct me, like I said I def don't claim to understand this stuff
  3. jetski


    only listened to Atlanta so far because I was at the show. I was super stoned and the whole thing is a blur tho it was still an incredible experience. the only part I really remember is the part around 11 min with the chords that are sidechained super hard - I remember that was so fucking intense live feeling so lucky to be able to relive this. I'm obsessed with the way that they've created this monstrous body of work with their max/msp system, it's basically infinite configurations of these sounds, I feel like I actually can't comprehend the full scale of it. it really feels like they've created a new paradigm of hyper-dynamic electronic music where every single sound has a life of its own, constantly moving and shifting and mutating. but at its core it still feels like techno music - that is the original seed that all this sprung from. I like to think of it as if you taught a robot to make techno and then left it in a room for hundreds of years and then the original algorithms evolve into this twisted mess. I dont claim to understand their process but that's kind of what it is right? it's like an AI system that generates the music. whatever it is, Autechre are at least 500 years ahead of the rest of us lol. they're the GOAT
  4. Me when my 12LP boxset arrived
  5. Fuck I wish I had thought of this earlier
  6. I think the criticisms of all end are legitimate, I can understand why it would be frustrating to expect an hour of brand new Autechre music and instead you get an hour of something that is already familiar to your ears. I'm not saying it literally *is* just the end of bladelores looped for an hour, as many others have pointed out it's much more than that, it has many subtle fluctuations and changes. But that doesn't negate the fact that it's overtly familiar to the listener's ears...part of the appeal of Autechre imo is how fresh and different each new release is. That being said, I think those criticisms are legitimate, but I think the track succeeds in spite of that. If you can take a moment to set aside that this is bladelores' ending an imagine it as its own thing totally divorced from that, I think that you'll see it has so much to offer. I also think it's just way too soon to pass final judgement on any of this music, at least for me personally I like to listen to an Autechre album like at least 10 times before I can really articulate any coherent thoughts on it. It just needs to properly absorb into my brain first
  7. Listening to gonk tuf hi now, honestly this track might have my favorite sound design out of the entire Sessions. Totally unreal
  8. Tbh I kinda hate the idea of playing with the volume dial while listening to any music, just for me personally. If you makes the quiet parts louder or the loud parts quieter then you're effectively reducing the dynamic range of the music. It feels like overriding a creative decision, even if just very minimally and I'd rather hear the music exactly as intended. If that means that it's harder to hear the finest details in some quiet parts then so be it. But I'm fucking neurotic about this stuff, I don't fault others for doing their own thing. It's personal preference EDIT: yeah this^ is a good way of putting it, I like how much drastic dynamic variation there is in these sessions, makes me want to listen more intently
  9. I usually don't think of Ambient music as discrete/distinct categorization but rather something that can be incorporated in endless varying degrees. You can have a track that's a little ambient or super ambient or anywhere in between Calling Xylin Room ambient is obviously ridiculous because there are strong clear beats that I immediately engage with as a listener which makes it feel very non-ambient. But the parts where the beats break apart and it's more chaotic, while not exactly ambient do seem to color outside the lines in a way akin to ambient music - foregoing conventional structure in favor of more chaotic freeform sounds My imperfect litmus test for whether something qualifies as ambient is, could I fall asleep while listening to it? In that sense I would definitely call all of NTS 4 ambient. Again it's a mix, it's not like something is either totally ambient or not at all, and with Autechre they're never fully one thing or another. But like I wouldn't hesitate to call column thirteen ambient
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