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  1. Hey all, excited to be running an event series of people pushing algorithmic music forward, in collab with No Bounds festival. The first edition is tomorrow (Saturday 13th Feb) from 9pm UTC (click the vid to get local time), featuring AFALFL (Paris), Chiho Oka (Tokyo) and Kindohm (Minnesota). You'll be able to catch it live + probably on catchup here:
  2. It's true that dancing and reading code don't go well together. Neither does dancing and watching someone's turntable or guitar technique or whatever. At some point you stop reading it but it's still nice to know that you can have a look at the musician making music if you fancy. That said, some of my favourite gigs I've not projected, but often people can still look over my shoulder.. and given the opportunity some generally do.. (Also if it wasn't a stupid idea we wouldn't have called it "algorave")
  3. I'm trying to record something every day this month:
  4. I'm terrible at getting around to recording tracks so am probably the worst person to ask ! 'ur' is good for macro song structure though I think, rather than sequencing patterns on/off (as with seqP/seqPLook), you make a pattern of patterns, which seems more tidal-ish. I find making some patterns and then jamming with them more productive though. You can't share the who track as code then, though.
  5. Yes start / stop still needs fixing since tidal 1.0 happened..
  6. ALGORITHMS ARE INFECTING DISCOS AND RUINING LIVES 19:30 - 01:00, 20 June 2019 Corsica Studios London Tickets: https://tickets.partyforthepeople.org/events/4762-algorave-elephant Algorave+friends return to Corsica Studios for a two room solstice party featuring: Lil Data (PC Music) // Heavy lifting (Pickled Discs) x Graham Dunning (Fractal Meat) // Miri Kat (Establishment) // Deerful // Hard On Yarn Sourdonk Communion (Hmurd x peb) // Class Compliant Audio Interfaces x Hellocatfood (Computer Club/Keysound) // Digital Selves // Mathr // xname // Evan Raskob // Deep Vain // Hortense // Tsun Winston Yeung // +777000 // Coral Manton // Rumblesan + more TBA "The scene at an algorave is often what you'd expect from any good techno night - a dark room, engaging visuals. a decent, bass-heavy speaker set-up, and lots of people ready to dance. .. performers at algoraves respond to each other and the audience in real time, often projecting the lines of code onto the walls as they type. lt’s coding as improvisation and experiment.." - The Wire magazine "Live coders write computer programs live, while the programs generate their music, but the focus is on people dancing and seriously enjoying themselves" - Dazed and Confused ".. not so much a revolution as a de-volution, a rolling back to the backend of music production, where the possibilities of the encoded information inside computer software is open and endless" - Mixmag
  7. Sending off AlgoMech Festival with a special party in aid of Hope Not Hate, a well-established charity with a long, positive history working against racism and the far right. We're excited to announce that Ryoko Akama, Mark Fell and Rian Treanor are teaming up for a one-time-only collaboration in support of this benefit. We're expecting to have our minds fully melted by this unique performance! Big thanks to them for not only putting something really special together but also donating their artist fee to the cause. Top notch support will come from Basic Switches, plus Fizzy (Plenty Fuss, GRL.) will play their favourite mechanical tunes. This event will be pay-as-you-feel, with every penny on the door donated to Hope not Hate, so please give as generously as you can. https://algomech.com/2019/events/closing-party/
  8. AlgoMech festival is back, 17-19th May 2019 in Sheffield UK, with a diverse programme blending algorithmic, mechanical and textile artforms. On the livecoding side we’ve got workshops on TidalCycles and Orca and a full-on algorave, with a huge line-up spread over two rooms. Here’s the festival trailer, hope to see you there !
  9. If you want to apply functions to e.g. only the bd events in a pattern, you can use fix https://tidalcycles.org/index.php/fix d1 $ fix (fast 2) (s "bd") $ n "0 3 2 1" # s "bd sn" ... should make the bds go faster A warning though, for some reason fix uses a lot of cpu, you can't get away with using many at once. You can use gain to control midi velocity, but the scaling of it is wrong.. Looks like there's a workaround here https://github.com/musikinformatik/SuperDirt/issues/120
  10. Nice one! Growing activity in France: https://www.algorave.fr/
  11. Hm, I'm on linux mint and the stock ghc haskell there works fine. I'd have thought 4G should be enough for stack, though..
  12. Heh, nice to stumble on this old thread, glad you're having fun with tidal!
  13. AlgoMech Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement Sheffield UK http://algomech.com/2017/ Of particular interest to WATMM folks: LEAFCUTTER JOHN, of Planet Mu etc, bringing new machines to Sonic Pattern concert http://algomech.com/2017/events/sonic-pattern/ ALGORAVE - live coded broken techno in the birthplace of idm, featuring goto80, slub (inc. Aphex Twin collaborator Dave Griffiths), Joanne (algobabez), Kindohm (conditional), oh my http://algomech.com/2017/events/algorave/ 65DAYSOFSTATIC - premiere of new algorithmic work from this relentless instrumental band http://algomech.com/2017/events/65dos/ Full line-up + tickets here: http://algomech.com/2017/
  14. Algorave = algorithmic dance music, generally live coded in front of you with projections of code + visuals. Read more in: mixmag, the wire magazine, dazed+confused, wired magazine Upcoming dates: * 13 May 2017 - Culture Lab, Newcastle Upon Tyne link * 13 May 2017 - Наука и Искусство, Moscow * 19 May 2017 - Access Space, Sheffield link * 21 May 2017 - Source Festival, Brooklyn link * 03 Jun 2017 - Archspace, London link * 09 Jun 2017 - No Bounds fest, Sheffield link * 07 Jul 2017 - bluedot fest, Manchester link * 18 Aug 2017-20 Aug 2017 - Green Man fest, Breacon Beacons link
  15. If you want to catch the mechanical techno, Sheffield is only 50 mins away on the train, and the venue is 5 mins walk from the station :)
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