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  1. FM is super cool but to me it always needs some "organic" to be added into, like DAC color, distortion, resampling from speakers, etc. At the moment I like to make patches on Ableton's operator, mostly bass, drums and pads, then sample them and play with filtering, distortion, sample start and so on on the Model Samples. Thinking of buying a hardware fm synth, though. There are many cool options. There was this Synset by Fingersonic in the works which looked promising but if I remember correctly they guy behind the company was hired by Behringer and ended the project. With some patience you can achieve a lot of cool stuff, like this (not me):
  2. Ginerpri


    Wow, can't wait to hear more! Melting some brains with those behringers 😁
  3. Thank you guys. I also added a jungle track
  4. Nice stuff! Reminds me of a weird, parallel universe Luke Vibert, in a good way obviously 😊
  5. First time I'm doing this, ever. These are recordings from sketches done on mostly hardware, from ~ 2016 to present. Nothing "finished", just fun. A few more on the SC profile. Thank you!
  6. Haha no I explained myself wrong, that one is from another pizza place, not Domino's. The basil leaves are very classic, they just add a tiny bit of flavor but it's mostly for the looks. This is Domino's pan pizza:
  7. I don't know if it differs from country to country, but here Domino's is pretty good. I would say I actually prefer it over the average pizza you can find. I usually go for something called pan pizza (is it a thing in other countries?) with eggplant, tomato sauce and mozzarella di bufala. There's a lot of better options if you live in a big city but they always deliver fast, it's cheaper and it's always very hot when it arrives. The best pizza I've ever eaten at home is this one, not Domino of course: Top quality, fluffy dough and baked to perfection
  8. Detroit People Mover, what a beautiful video. The track itself to me feels very analog orchestral, with al the classical elements like brass, strings, pizzicato, timpani, legato, etc. Really nice composition, very... moving!
  9. Killer! Some parts reminded me of this one: Which is this, also great tune:
  10. Thank you! Yes I already know that vst and also have tried before to make my own sirens on synths but it just doesn't work, even if it is a 1:1 copy it lacks the right eq and general flavour, Thank you anyway 😉
  11. By the way, does anyone have the beeps sample used at 0:25 and 0:37 in this last one track?
  12. €500 is a killer price. Waiting for the Loopop review on YouTube to know how it really works now
  13. I live in Milan. Starting from today I will work from home until maybe April, as basically everyone in the country that is ok working with just a computer and an internet connection. I don’t really watch the news anymore but as I understood we are in an emergency state. You can’t really travel from region to region without a valid reason and you need some papers to let the police know why you are traveling anyway. Some people are freaking out and go to supermarkets to buy food and supplies, leaving empty shelves behind, but at the moment there’s not really a need to do that. Everyone is advised to stay at home and not to leave unless it’s for buying food. Schools are closed. Hospitals are overcrowded, apparently, and there’s a scarcity of doctors. I’m not scared but I can’t predict the future so I’m a bit worried with the current situation. The mood in the city is overall weird, not much people around and you can’t go out and socialize because bars are closed as well as cinemas, gyms and whatever business puts people together in a closed space. This makes things even weirder, because if you live alone like me you are confined to deal with the problem with no one but yourself and there’s nothing you can do but see other people through Skype and joke on the situation, but the reality is no one knows how it’s going to evolve, as we were not prepared and the issue is just too big to manage. Cheers! 😉
  14. Here in Milan there's plenty of people wearing face masks. Also the subway is way way less crowded, like 1 fifth of the people normally using it, as a lot of people work from home this week. Also saw some videos of supermarkets with empty shelves on the food section
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