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  1. Ugly cheap aesthetics aside, this thing is very underwhelming. Recently the market for old samplers has gone pretty crazy, so I would have expected something new with similar specs that people are seeking (analog filters, AD/DA converters that color the sound, cool algorithms for time stretch and pitch shifting) that works as a simple yet effective sampler+sequencer. This thing doesn't even have an audio input...
  2. Exactly. The other one is Roland SH7. Other gear on the records are: Roland MC4 on Analord 1, Synton Fenix on Analord 2, EML Electrocomp 400 on Analord 9, Synton Fenix III on Analord 10 (not 100% sure on this) OSCar is awesome, check out this Bochum Welt track if you haven't
  3. Don't know where to post this, but I finally discovered what the images on Analord 6 are
  4. AZD is good, but these days I go back to this more
  5. I love this stuff. This one is also really interesting, by Delia Derbyshire
  6. I voted B2 because I love those T17 Phase Out, T08+4 and T13 quadraverb vibes and I wish there would be an infinite number of this kind of experiments. Other favourites are B3, B4, A2 and A5
  7. Some Soundcloud mastered tracks + a couple of unheard tunes from the same era
  8. If I was Richard, I would probably have some MIDI-ed bird caller or better, a MIDI-ed bird whistle like his MIDI pipe organ
  9. My guess is: stream of the AFX live on the NTS website + new vinyl exclusive from Warp
  10. So on the web link you have to enter something and then a green ACCESS GRANTED message will appear. Does anybody have a clue? The font family is also the same as used on Syro and Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2
  11. Thank you, looking forward to the digital release ;)
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