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  1. The original soundtrack is unsurpassable, you can't really tell from what decade it's from. These remixes are good but they just add an unnecessary contemporary flavor to it. The game also is a masterpiece.
  2. "I'm not a good friend but I'm sure it is not to you and I have a lot to say about the other two are you going there or what does that make it look better but the most recent one is that I don't know if I have a better choice." – MacBook Pro predictive text
  3. Nice! Never heard this before. It has some Midievil Rave 2 vibes
  4. 00 to 10 is when internet (the biggest evolution factor from 00 to 20) was still parallel to real life and a choice, 10 to 20 is when internet has become a necessity for real life (of course I'm talking 1st world only) and they turned to the same thing. As previously said, in my opinion this begun with the iPhone in 2007/08 but it took 2 or 3 years to take off completely, as more and more people got a hold of a smartphone and instant internet access with it.
  5. Beautiful synth work, very classy as always. What stands out, to me are: Southern England In Summer, Color Me (Mix 2), Sentimental, Mavic 1
  6. For acid analysis purposes, about 2 years ago I redone by ear the bassline of Emotinium. Here is the MIDI file, if anyone in interested. It's close, but not perfect. Also included are the audio loops for main melody, bass line and the two together. 303 is ABL Pro 3 demo version plug in, as I'm too lazy to route the MIDI from the laptop to hardware 303. Cheers! Emotinium_rework.mp3 Emotinium_303.wav Emotinium_loop.wav Emotinium_MIDI.mid
  7. They were pretty cool about it 😁 Also, too bad there isn't any pic of the third dummy in the toilet One of the astronauts on the episode (from 53:43)
  8. SL3-113-1587 (July-September 1973) --- This photograph is an illustration of the humorous side of the Skylab 3 crew. This dummy was left behind in the Skylab space station by the Skylab 3 crew to be found by the Skylab 4 crew. The dummy is dressed in a flight suit and propped upon the bicycle ergometer. The name tag indicated that it represents William R. Pogue, Skylab pilot. The dummy for Gerald P. Carr, Skylab 4 commander, was placed in the Lower Body Negative Pressure Device. The dummy representing Edward G. Gibson was left in the waste compartment. Astronauts Alan L. Bean, Owen K. Garriott and Jack R. Lousma were the Skylab 3 crewmen. Gibson is the Skylab 4 science pilot. Photo credit: NASA
  9. Full preview here of "Color Me (Mix 2)" track https://shop.cpurecords.net/album/seafire Really beautiful and dreamy pads with cool background noises. He never disappoints, quality wise! Hope to see something with more oh this kind of his signature sound. Maybe someday...
  10. Pretty much my feelings, also because I'm sure he has some killer unreleased tracks in his archive. Wish there was more stuff like Mavic 1 buy hey, super happy anyway as this was very unexpected! I needed this, finally something to looking forward to in this boring summer...
  11. Haha! 26 Mixes is for me on the very top of his works; the artwork is as quirky as the tracks and I love everything about it. Also I was looking to print simple typography to test the quality of the embroidery so I thought it was perfect to use. Quality is okay I guess but I'm super happy with the result anyway. Now when I'll go out with this, only early 2000s period AFX super hardcore fans like me will recognise it.
  12. Starting from tomorrow and no later than Monday 8 July, you can ask for a refund https://www.homefestival.eu/en/media/modalita-di-rimborso
  13. Made this one on an online custom hats embroidery website
  14. Yeah... People on Facebook apparently had no luck with refund. Home Festival offered them a "bring a friend for free" solution. I have no words, I just spent 60€ for nothing. And of course the people coming from abroad have spent far more money than me.
  15. Sorry, I linked the Italian version. Here it is in English https://www.homefestival.eu/en/media/comunicazione-ufficiale " Security reasons have forced us to the non-installation of one of our stage. After a careful discussion between the organization and the artists management, Home Venice Festival communicates that some of the artists will not be able to perform. They are: APHEX TWIN, JON HOPKINS, PUSHA-T, MODESELEKTOR, ADAM BEYER, MURA MASA, THE VACCINES, MOODYMANN. Home Venice Festival organization apologizes for the inconvenience. For any further information, questions and requests, you can contact a dedicated line. The email address is: [email protected] and the phone number is: +39 366 2301378 from 10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00-19.00. The organization shall also notify: “We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. San Giuliano park has been interested by large construction work due to the event's preparation, some of them have just finished. This is the reason why we had to reconsider the event's area and cancel one of the stages. Safety will always be our first priority. We apologize with the artists and their fans. We would also like to thank the artists for the understanding and the cooperation shown”. " I was so looking forward to go. Also pretty close from where I live. This sucks...
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