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  1. I guess it's all about enjoying the process, more than the final result. You might recreate something similar ITB but having an actual instrument, cables and other hardware mess for some people is what drives them to certain tones, sequences and so on
  2. Good job! Always thought the same thing, maybe something like Kawai K1, but as you said it was just the same sample used for the vocals. How genius! I discovered that by watching this video, actually:
  3. Fashion + IDM makes me think about Mike Paradinas wearing his full Rick Owens outfits.
  4. Nice one Bro! Pads for days. Also https://www.nilsschneider.de/wp/nils-k1v/
  5. Love the part around 35 secs of Bell Workout. Pure funk
  6. FM is super cool but to me it always needs some "organic" to be added into, like DAC color, distortion, resampling from speakers, etc. At the moment I like to make patches on Ableton's operator, mostly bass, drums and pads, then sample them and play with filtering, distortion, sample start and so on on the Model Samples. Thinking of buying a hardware fm synth, though. There are many cool options. There was this Synset by Fingersonic in the works which looked promising but if I remember correctly they guy behind the company was hired by Behringer and ended the project. With some patience you can achieve a lot of cool stuff, like this (not me):
  7. Wow, can't wait to hear more! Melting some brains with those behringers ?
  8. Thank you guys. I also added a jungle track
  9. Nice stuff! Reminds me of a weird, parallel universe Luke Vibert, in a good way obviously ?
  10. First time I'm doing this, ever. These are recordings from sketches done on mostly hardware, from ~ 2016 to present. Nothing "finished", just fun. A few more on the SC profile. Thank you!
  11. Haha no I explained myself wrong, that one is from another pizza place, not Domino's. The basil leaves are very classic, they just add a tiny bit of flavor but it's mostly for the looks. This is Domino's pan pizza:
  12. I don't know if it differs from country to country, but here Domino's is pretty good. I would say I actually prefer it over the average pizza you can find. I usually go for something called pan pizza (is it a thing in other countries?) with eggplant, tomato sauce and mozzarella di bufala. There's a lot of better options if you live in a big city but they always deliver fast, it's cheaper and it's always very hot when it arrives. The best pizza I've ever eaten at home is this one, not Domino of course: Top quality, fluffy dough and baked to perfection
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