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  1. london crew rise up ill see you all there pissed out my nut
  2. nah no way are they using bits from 1999. you can tell that mixlr clip is max msp synthesised madness edit: ah didnt actually see the comment on the next page mb
  3. i just felt* sorry im petty hehe
  4. anyone perhaps got a link to the sysex zip? i distinctly remember there being a notepad with instructions in the form of a 'set list' about what patterns to change to? i cant find a link anymore 😞
  5. heres another track i did, im so bad at promoing stuff but listen if u want, u dont have to, idm
  6. are u certain it was weirdcore? i thought it was freeka tet?
  7. how can anyone even think those youtube tracks are anywhere close to real...jesus christ the aphex subreddit is full of toss
  8. damn hiding in plain sight, good work 🤫
  9. ahhhhh yeah thatll be it. good thinkin 😛
  10. who is MDX? i cant find any info on them
  11. HAHA holy shit that interviews so fuckin funny
  12. Bodhidharma


    yeah its ace, sean actually played a snippet of it back in the mixlr streams when he was going through the folder of max patches
  13. yes. its a very simple thing but there are no negatives to it. im failing to see the issue
  14. yeah because u didnt answer it
  15. not what i was aiming for lol i just cannot comprehend how anyone would think they are brain rot that particular sentence just jumped out at me thats all. you are free to have the rest of your opinion about him, and anyway, those kind of small steps do wonders for people with depression oops mb forgot to quote also why do you see it as a rhetorical device lmao. detach yourself from the notion of someone getting one up on another and just see it for what it is - a simple question
  16. but is there anything bad about cleaning your room and standing up straight with good posture?
  17. just wondering what is brain rotting about cleaning your room and standing up straight with good posture?
  18. onesix sets are 100% max msp btw, i asked sean
  19. Bodhidharma

    elseq 1-5

    heheh https://forum.watmm.com/topic/94971-autechre-nts-residency-_o_/page/151/?tab=comments#comment-2627897
  20. thank u very much for having a little listen, means a lot 🙂 no worries at all no rush. very kind of you to comment thanks 😄 its weird having a release out into the world...
  21. My album 'Hectacity' came out on http://www.quantumnatives.com/, 12 tracks, 53 minutes. the website should link to a couple of black circle icons on a black and white squiggly background and if you click them you can get a download link for the album and a link to stream some tracks (https://www.mediafire.com/file/a6zq48cqwqcm22t/Sinnway_-_Hectacity_%28QNR039%29.zip/file here is a download link anyway) hope you all enjoy. kinda weird electronic vibes
  22. Bursting out in a sweat of terror, Rob plunges up from the abysses of his nightmare in bed in which his laptop got sucked into a blackhole, with 50% of their max patches being transferred across infinite time and space never to be seen again. "Babe, what's the matter?" his Victoria's Secret-esque wife asks, hurriedly, "You're screaming! You woke me up! I'm here for you...is it Sean's face again?" "I've got nothing left...it's all gone. Everything I've ever worked for, I've only got one thing left to do..." Still in a remarkable stupor of mental fatigue, Rob searches for his phone under his pillow and calls Sean immediately, all the while giving scant attention to his wife's cold clasp on his shoulder. Rob's heart grows tighter as it keeps ringing, constantly flitting between glancing at the screen and holding it to his ear. "Fuck sake, pick up you twat" Rob's wife can hear their eldest making batterings and groanings with the Machinedrum downstairs. "Uhhh Rob? alright mate it's half 3 in the morning, what you after, fella?" Rob's body jolts. "Sean mate you gotta come over right this fuckin second lad, swear to god just listen to me, don't ask any questions, just bring the 808." "Can't you just dropbox me it? You know I live ages away geezer." "No, it has to be tonight. Come, now." Still half asleep and languorous but fully cognizant of the fact that Rob has never shown this level of determination before, Sean asks no questions and acquiesces and jumps out of bed. His laptop is still running a patch, he puts on his headphones for a few seconds to check; "Decent, I'll keep it running" he whispers to himself. Sean locks his house and drives over in a hurry, his car humming Zoviet France at a low rumbling volume. Rob's phone rings. "Alright mate, I'm outside." Rob unlocks the door to a gristly chinned Sean, smiling a hopeful but confused half smile and furrowing his brow a little. Rob leads them both to the front room, packed with gear, wires, modules and any and all electronics you may think. It's almost impossible to move in there. "Get the 808 out." Rob says imperiously. Rob takes a seat on the drum kit stool and intensely meditates for a few minutes as Sean plugs in the 808 and sets it to 104BPM. "You alright mate? How's your missus? You haven't even said hello." Rob makes no reply. Gurglings and bass-heavy grumblings start coming from the Dynaudio Acoustic BM6 setup. Sean's need for a fag is directly proportional to the length of time the beat keeps plodding onwards. Rob breaks his stasis. "Oi get those stems SOPHIE sent us a few years ago. They should be on the desktop." He begins to play a - what seems like - slightly out of time hi-hat rhythm over the vocals and 808. Sean starts nodding his head with the very beginnings of a smirk coming into his countenance. 7-8 minutes pass with neither of them speaking a word to one another, just a large thudding and mesmerising din splurging from the speakers. Rob's wife comes down the stairs, peeks her head round the door frame and rolls her eyes amorously with a smile, as perhaps a parent does when their child embarrasses themselves innocently. "I love them" she thinks to herself. She goes to check on the kids. "Fuck...this is lush", Sean mutters. He plays with the parameters on the 808 a little bit more. After a short 15 minute warmup, they press record. The banging of the kicks grow louder and Rob begins to lower his head towards the hi-hat, pattering on it with his drumsticks, his mouth agog. He uses no other part of the drumkit. Sean lights up a fag. "Yeah...this is the one..." Sean takes a drag. Rob temporarily exits his hypnosis, "Add the vocals and slow them down a bit." "This is deffo the one." A bit of ash drifts from the end of his fag. Rob closes his eyes, mouth agape. "Yeah..."
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