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  1. lmaooooo ah fair...i tried to type it in the url bar but musta typod coz i gave up after one attempt
  2. damn they fuckin really jam
  3. did another (private) track, dunno, bit weird. i made a sound that kinda sounds like the organ chords at 45 mins in the onesix sets so i thought i'd see where it takes me. proper rate u all, hope ur all staying safe in this PANDEMIC
  4. https://we.tl/t-IPyN57VNzj yesterday's
  5. oops, got home from work and realised i hadnt turned the volume up on mixlr...fucked this 1 up 🙂
  6. nobody, not even joking
  7. i had a feeling theyd record again today so i left my pc recording before i set off to work, so i will have recorded all this one today
  8. will upload tomoz, got it all apart from the first 53 mins
  9. due to what you do for work do you think its likely youll get laid off?
  10. my mind immediately jumps to specifics in cases like this - maybe it shouldnt. but like, where did he drop the mixtape? bandcamp? some rando just uploaded a mixtape to bandcamp and it got massive?
  11. just got 2 weeks notice of the sack at one of my jobs, and the other job i also got an ominously worded message about the management talking to upper management about what theyre going to do about all this. i knew it was coming so im in okay spirits right now.
  12. ID on that one? the tingly bell one? also whats this heralde business? edit: nvm its this
  13. its cummin this year guys shorn told me dw i know it
  14. dunno who u r but ily
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