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  1. probably confirms it means "edited live sequences" like some guy said when it was released
  2. christ this is bad cant believe i used to go on the aphex subreddit, legit thinking about ending it all
  3. Bodhidharma


    ahhaha this is fuckin ace
  4. yeah shout out field day crew jan, spiral, andi, fenix, phudo+kat, tri and my best boy BLANK, i miss u blank, wherever u are in the world hope ur holding ur ground, sorry if i forgot ne1. also remember spying oscillik at 2015 ae manchester gig...doesnt really count tho. would like to say hello 2 more of u xxx kisses goodnight
  5. the internet is probably the greatest invention the world has ever seen, apart from the wheel maybe. its only horrible if you let it control you. if you got no backbone and dont want to improve yourself, easy dopamine flooding pixels can be flooding your mind in an instant. id say what someone else said earlier about each part of the internet being emphasised, i.e. the bad bits get worse, good bits get better. just ignore the bad shit
  6. Yeah. It def feels like the genie is already out of the bottle yup cant tell if ur being legit so: edit: hmm okay the link to his tweet wont workfor some reason. ill just copypasta here Just heard news of the devastating reports from New Zealand Christchurch. I feel absolutely sickened having my name uttered by this person. My heart and thoughts go out to the victims, families and everyone affected by this tragedy. jesus christ this turned out messy, and now i cant figure out how to stop my text being the same as the tweet...
  7. saw that 4chan thread, absolute cesspit of adoration for the guy. reddit and liveleak admins were also removing any links and banning anyone that posted it, but not sure why when they let thousands of other killing vids up such a tragic, disgusting event. DESCRIPTION OF A BIT OF THE VID INC first part of the vid some muslim comes out of the mosque with open arms saying "hello brother!" and bam its just 4 shotgun pumps to the chest...absolutely vile stuff. its like a game to them, probably exacerbated by the fact that they can get immediate feedback from some other scum in the live chat...theyre all so much more horrifying because it adds an element of "everyday-ness" to it, you know, with the selfie type view sometimes. another horrible one was that joy lane video of the completely random old man being shot. stay alert
  8. they dont look real to me, and i spent many late nights f5ing his sc page with one of them woodpecker things that goes up and down constantly and re-read his comments thousands of times so that the image is burned into my brain and i can pinpoint exactly which pixels of the comments make up which spot on my monitor when im not even on his sc page
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    cant wait for 2019 live shows tho...they will deffo do them
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    https://theartsdesk.com/new-music/autechre-royal-festival-hall this1? why even mention skin colour. i legit dont understand that. i was at that one, skin colours pir l-event... just wtf
  11. i've had this thought too, but could it be that everytime you drink alcohol youre at a party/loud pub environment for hours on end and its just the after effect of that? i need to test it one day by sitting alone in my room quietly getting pissed
  12. what the fuck sinistrail sentinel dont talk to me or my son ever again
  13. so good:) drop this at 4:20am at a rave:) The photo used for the YouTube art is very disturbing... its the same art used on the sc upload, reminds me of the beginning of one of the saw movies where theyre shackled up on their ankles with the key in the middle of the room. cant remember what saw it is nor care to look it up
  14. man this is gorgeous...sooo simple but so evocative, shoutout satie
  15. is this qebrus' youtube channel? https://www.youtube.com/user/tomsined
  16. Bodhidharma

    XHK - XH HX

    btw 99% certain the eastre egg link for these wasnt there in january, i remember digging around the store when nts came out just to see what stuff was on there and i, plus many others, would have noticed it then. this is definitely a recent egg
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