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  1. this ones insane too already posted by 1 second but w/e still a massive track
  2. this man got cafe oto dancing to fuck last week, go see him when u can, still smashin it at 68 this sounds luuuush
  3. Bodhidharma


    wheres that track thats got something like water in the name and it sounds like nanou2 ah found it
  4. uve messed up the names of the threads btw xx
  5. theres pages and pages of adoration for this and im so tempted to hear the leekspin but im gunna train the neurons in my brain to resist. this is harder than nofap (in both ways)
  6. not even gunna watch it so it doesnt add to youtubes algorithm of recommending me similar stuff
  7. rly like this, only listened to rave death and thought it was ace, ne1 got suggestions on where to go next/good ones to start with? i mean im probs gunna listen to the whole of his discog anyway so doesnt really matter too much but...
  8. yeah definitely official, warp put out a broadcast wanting to hire people to sit on reddit threads and type one word answers a while ago didnt u see it?
  9. yeh good point on the big babies, that realisation was one of the biggest factors that helped me with my social anxiety. i just went round picturing people as little dumb babies sucking on their mums teats who were shitting their pants and it helped me relax so much around new people. kinda like placing urself above them (or at least on a level playing field) so i would not be as uptight. nobody knows anything, will smith is just an adult in a babie's body. its literally the same body.
  10. theres a book "chaos theory" by james gleick that goes into feigenbaum constants, not too many equations and stuff in it, more like a look at how things in the maths community evolved from when these things were discovered and how they came into the mainstream and talks about the people behind them. rly good read. i think a paper titled "period three implies chaos" by yorke and li touches on it, cant remem tho
  11. yeah bob actually looks quite tank in some photos, absolute juggernaut seans skele mode, eat up sean pls, get all your micronutrients
  12. lush tunes, burying my head in the sand and forgetting about the worlds problems for these 2 hours, love it love it
  13. not that anyone actually cares but i think this is the girl he got preggo. ofc he didnt fuck his own mum lmao, she is a milf tho tbf https://www.instagram.com/reignx_x/
  14. i cant stop listening to all end when im walking about. its perfect walking about music, so absorbing. maybe that tokyo vid rubbed off on me, but just stickin ur headphones on with all end is basically free drugs, like getting a headrush from standing up too fast when i listened live, 20 mins in i remember thinking "jesus christ this is so boring, next track already". soz rob + sean
  15. hm...cant seem to view that, can anyone else view it?
  16. someones gotta say it...13:00 onwards on violvoic. how are those sounds even possible
  17. "im not even a musician" hahahaha these guys
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