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  1. I listened to voice recordings of myself and I sound both bored and boring. I bore myself. I don't want to bore others. I will leave them alone. I'll let them be. That's the best I can do. I can't help but feel that if I don't have something to say, then I have nothing to offer others. Yet I know that isn't true. Not saying anything is also an offering. It is a gift to be quiet and still and listening. I am trying to get to a place where I am not so afraid of being boring. Of saying nothing aloud or in writing. Of having nothing useful or interesting to say about anything. Where I'm okay with
  2. i could fly. it was a tingling feeling, a rush. i saw a bear in a river, across which was a large bridge, and on one side of which was a very tall and narrow skyscraper. in the river a bear attacked a man and slowly ate his leg, an angry brutal bear with a horrifying face, the man flew with me into the skyscraper through a window, the space was tiny. i flew over lands and fields and stations, i saw ruins and houses. the sky was strangely brownish. i discovered the secret of memory (or so i thought) and wrote it on a tablet, but it was destroyed and the secret was lost. i fought w
  3. My pomegranate juice is too sweet and now I don't want any pizza any longer.
  4. ฉันเป็นมนุษย์ ฉันคือปีศาจ ฉันคือพระเจ้า. ฉันเป็นเทคโนโลยี ฉันเป็นละอองดาว ฉันเป็นสภาพอากาศ ฉันเป็นพายุ ฉันเป็นพายุ ฉันเป็นคนดูดขอบคุณ ฉันอยู่ที่นั่นเสมอ
  5. Why are screens used if you can use 3D realm for projections? WTF? What's the point of that? Are they an analogy to make you find the way out of the simulation, or are they another layer of confusion, to keep you inside? A cruel joke or a benign guidance? Don't trust him
  6. As this is all a simulation it shouldn't matter but it's a poorly designed simulation, so these things have consequences (who came up with this shit? Give me a name!)
  7. I was at the lake and it was beautiful. I asked a topless hippi type girl for rolling tobacco and she was stroking my hand when she gave it to me so I guess I should have talked to her and try to do the SEX etc etc but I wasn't ready bcs I just arrived and when I came back to look for her she was gone... lol, I'm aware that I don't need to type this stuff bcs it is a known fact already. Everything I do is already a known fact (which is another problem).
  8. i never seen this bug. this is my only pronlem rn bugs probably deserve their own thred
  9. Yeah I'm very small minded myself. I guess it's this place that made me that or maybe it's something else, who knows. Trying to become less small minded but it's not that easy
  10. There is no truly quiet spot in and around this city. There are cars everywhere, day and night. There is never a longer period of quietude. It would be halfway tolerable if it was just the cars, but it's these stupid motor bikes that are the icing on the cake. What again was the point of reving your motorcycle engine? Some people seem to be able to drive them in a reasonable way, but there are always kiddies who don't know how to drive them properly and rev the engine. I hope they get injured in an accident where they fall off the bike and then slide over the road and then their skin gets burn
  11. for example i was just daydreaming of a wall bracket to put snacks to eat on and then someone honked and yelled "asshole" and it was disturbing.as fuck. luckily i now remember the idea again. maybe i shouldnt live here or kill myaelf tho. people are just way too loud and aggressive... they need to chill and relax more dunno where to go tho maybe netherlands??? can u go there by airplane? i watxhed a film called "cypher" nd there they put a gas in the airplane to make veryone sleep and its all an illusion lol hope that happens. gas chamber airplanes what an amazing idea hahaha lol, well. s
  12. do u have any cars in ur life? how do u deal with them?? they honk their horns whenever i have a good idea and then i forget the idea
  13. Yeah, send them to Chechnya, so they can toughen up and see that they actually don't have anything to do here. Then they can all retire early and live a happy life and leave me alone
  14. I live in a way too safe and middle-class city. Police here doesn't have anything to do so they spend their time harassing harmless people, following them around, controlling them, even punching and physically abusing them when they don't do what they say. It destroys the street life. I think they receive too much government money. Maybe they should be sent to places where there is a shortage of police forces. Maybe some de-manning would be a good idea. I'm worried about the safety & future of this place. A lot of my friends and acquaintances have left. It's becoming a really boring pensio
  15. I miss a woman I met the other night. We seemed on the same wavelength and she could read my thoughts but I didn't ID her. I hope to find another one that looks exactly like her and has similar mannerisms. She was perfection. It was a short interaction but I missed an opportunity (for a longer interaction), and it was my own fault. But I learned exactly one thing from her (which I'm not going to share on the internet).
  16. Your thoughts resonate deeply with mine. Sometimes it seems that I/you am/are the only "human" and vision is a canvas, a screen, that is used by non-human entities to communicate with you/me (in its (non)-human form), but the way you look at this canvas is your/my way of communicating back. It's both a back and forth and also a non-duality. Perceiving and receiving, taking in and giving out, is a circular movement that keeps happening infinitely without you/me realising that we are one and that it's happening right now in this exact time unit (time itself is happening inside of itself, pe
  17. I'm not sure. Typing on a smart phone right now (sitting on a bench in the park watching people) so this post won't be so detailed. It might be because the past is a manifestation inside the present, and memories are actually more like thoughts that are connotated with an emotion of familiarity rather than an actual "image" of the past. Memorising happens in the now. When a memory of something pops up on the canvas of your consciousness, then it is something that manifests in the now. Discerning imagination and memory happens through that emotion of familiarity (memory appears "familiar/real",
  18. I believe that the human dream is a layer of the cosmic dream (the totality of existence, which has many layers). The cosmic dream is formless, it isn't a world with different places where you can move around and do things, it is one unique movement. What we call "I" and what we call consciousness is only a small part of this movement. When this part realises that it's part of the whole, the entire movement doesn't appear to be "suffering", because there are no parts who are separate from each other anymore. The more you awaken to this fact, the less you suffer and the closer you get to yourse
  19. I could almost smell your post, thanks. There is a lot more to life but it's inaccessible to us because we don't understand the dream logic we are living in. It can't be fully described with words and language (especially written one), because language is designed to only allow a certain kind of human communication and if you limit your "thought" to language, it influences your actions and your "becoming" is within the borders of these actions ("inner" and "outer" actions, which actually belong to the same sort of movement). We have been hypnotised. Part of us is elsewhere. Existence could be
  20. Humanity should just die. We are unskilled to help ourselves break free from civilisation. Humanity as it exists right now was a mistake. Everyone would be better off without humans. WE need to transform into something formless that is capable of living frictionlessly and non-destructive. Transcend physicality, become ____ The human form is pathetic.
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