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  1. Dude! I expected this to be good, but not that good! Amazing!
  2. What a bunch of idiots. They should better stick to what they know. Fucking scientist eggheads
  3. What does that have to do with Yemen?
  4. dingformung

    confield art

    da poo poo confield album art is OK but untilted one looks like ass, even worse than sign/plus
  5. Started reading Oblomov but was too lazy to finish.
  6. Can't wait for this pandemic to be over. I'd love to travel to Croatia.
  7. Not only. I was referring to habitus as well, which can also be attractive/repulsive
  8. I don't know, "manliness" is a very broad term and I don't think it just refers to some outdated stereotypical idea of a certain fixed role men should conform to in society. It's broader than that and refers to everything related to belonging to the male gender (willingly or unwillingly). The concept of "loser" is a social construct in itself and is rooted in a thinking that life is a competitive game where you can either win or lose. Identity is formed solely along the axis of "winning" and "losing", and so is a human's worth. A very dehumanising ideology
  9. I don't know, I never asked a woman if she thinks Jordan Peterson quoting incels are attractive to her. But being an incel and quoting Jordan Peterson isn't necessarily what I'd refer to as "manliness". Without trying to further define manliness, I can tell that I personally find manly women unattractive and most women don't like too feminine men. In some way it's the gender differences that make the genders attractive to each other (regardless whether they're socially constructed or biologically determined or both). Overthinking manliness makes you look like you have issues/insecurities
  10. Are women who feel attracted to manliness in the wrong? Should they ignore gender differences more?
  11. "We must rediscover our manliness. Because only if we rediscover our manliness we will become manful and only if we become manful we will become able-bodied and we must become able-bodied, my dear friends."
  12. Salting pigeons isn't allowed?
  13. I've made like 20 posts in the Jordan Peterson thread over the course of the day. What am I doing with my life? Maybe I should clean my room
  14. Sounds lame and I zoned out while reading this midway so I'm not sure if I grasped it all No offence, by the way, but there are more fun things to engage with, I think, than Jordan Peterson. I'm more sure about that now than ever before If Canadian Marxists are anything like your presumed far-right intellectuals that doesn't surprise me
  15. I don't doubt his competence in his field (I can't evaluate that) but I doubt that his influence as a public figure is justified and more some odd media phenomenon
  16. Any particular lecture you can recommend? I like the idea of getting into Jordan Peterson as a direct result of this thread getting bumped.
  17. Oops, lol. I can freely admit that I don't know many facts about Jordan Peterson But really, what makes him especially qualified in anything other than having a popular YouTube channel?
  18. None of the psychiatrists I've asked knew who Jordan Peterson was. Seems he is more a YouTube celebrity than anything, and not necessarily widely known for any achievements or contributions in the field of psychiatry. Not sure why he even gets the amount of attentions he gets.
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