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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaYjAADCu8A
  2. Aphex Twin - Th1 [evnslower] [Paulstretched 800%]ᴴᴰ
  3. The connection with jungle seems to be a big of a stretch, honestly. Not that I'm saying these are bad tracks by any means, but if anything, they have more of an erratic "gabber" feel to them than anything oldskool related.
  4. holy shit...aphex does it again. truly a masterpiece for generations to come.............
  5. almost one year later and sam hyde is still a nazi
  6. every single pizza is part of a secret pizza clique and hawaiian pizza is the friend nobody likes
  7. too late i'm holding it for ransom and you'll never see it again ahahaha
  8. "GoldenEye X". Think of it as "GoldenEye 007" on steroids: they're taking the engine used to make "Perfect Dark" and they're rebuilding "GoldenEye 007" within this engine. So this means they have some really neat touches: reloading animations, new weapons, dynamic lighting, et cetera. The mod started out as a revamped multiplayer, but the modders working on the project recently added three new playable campaign missions in the latest patch. Here's some loser nerd explaining it through video, though this probably makes it much less appealing than how I described it. which means i wo
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