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  1. an update - doesn't look likely that it'll be out until November at the earliest
  2. Hi - new 2LP release out now on Suction Records - Translucent Blue vinyl limited to 200 copies. Fans of early Skam releases (Bola, Jega, etc) take note! https://lowfish.bandcamp.com/album/test-e Originally self-released as a tape under the artist name Pest(e), this 1996 collection of IDM and analog electronics is in fact the debut Lowfish album. Intended as a demo, it caught the attention of infamous UK label Skam —but after months of fruitless phone tag with the label, it was time for Gregory De Rocher to strike out on his own. Dropping his Pest(e) moniker in favour of Lowfish, in 1997 De Rocher co-founded Suction Records with like-minded producer Jason Amm, aka Solvent. While that Test(e) tape wasn’t technically a Suction Records release, it served as the impetus for starting the label, and we’ve always referred to it as catalog # suction000. Fans of mid/late-90s Artificial Intelligence classics from Autechre, Locust, Aphex Twin, u-Ziq, and Bola will recognize those hallmark sounds here, alongside traces of formative influence from Skinny Puppy, OMD, and Tangerine Dream. Recorded live to DAT with a bedroom full of analog classics (Roland Jupiter 6, TR-808, TR-606, Arp Odyssey, Korg MS-20), a sampler, and an arsenal of cheap FX units, the melodies here are lush and addictive, with layers of warm, lo-fi-ish (get it?) grit - often intentional, sometimes just a product of the process. Although largely on the armchair techno tip, the dense drum programming also nods to the burgeoning drum and bass movement, which De Rocher was firmly (but only briefly) obsessed with. For the first time on vinyl and rightfully re-branded as a Lowfish release, we’re thrilled to have Test(e) officially join the Suction Records catalog. cheers, Jason @ Suction Records
  3. 5 days left on our Indiegogo now... the remaining copies of the LP (we're pressing 1000) will be available to buy after the campaign is over, but if you're wanting to grab one of the limited white-vinyl copies, we're now down to 37 copies. It's definitely going to be sold out before the campaign ends... https://igg.me/at/electronicvoyager
  4. It's a vinyl-only release... licensing some of these tracks for digital was too complicated/expensive
  5. I literally heard Tycho playing inside a Starbucks at Disneyland, no jokes.
  6. Hi, Not a Suction Records release, but from my other production company/label Waveshaper Media.... Here's an LP which I compiled in support of our Bob Moog documentary Indiegogo campaign. It's available to pre-order there now. We're down to just over 100 copies of the white-vinyl edition (limited to 300)... http://igg.me/at/electronicvoyager Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969 (Waveshaper Media - WSM-03 vinyl LP) A1. Robert Arthur Moog - The Abominatron (1964) A2. Herbert Deutsch - Jazz Images, A Worksong And Blues (1967) A3. Joel Chadabe - Blues Mix (1966) B1. Lothar and the Hand People - Milkweed Love (1968) B2. Intersystems - Changing Colours (1968) B3. Ruth White - The Clock (1969) B4. Max Brand - Triptych (1969) B5. Paul Earls - Monday Music (1968) In support of their forthcoming Bob Moog documentary Electronic Voyager, Waveshaper Media have produced a compilation LP of Moog recordings from the 1960s. The first compilation of its kind, Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969 contains tracks by Robert Arthur Moog, Herbert Deutsch, Joel Chadabe, Lothar and the Hand People, Intersystems, Ruth White, Max Brand, and Paul Earls. All of these tracks, released here on vinyl in an edition of 1000 copies, have been scarcely heard and difficult to track down, with all but three of them previously unreleased on vinyl. Bypassing the Moog synthesizer’s backseat appearance on key pop recordings by the likes of the Beatles, the Doors, and the Beach Boys, Electronic Voyages aims to highlight the diverse approach of 1960s musicians and composers who adopted the Moog as their primary instrument; these recordings all feature the Moog synthesizer front a nd centre. Beginning with an “audio letter” (The Abominatron) from Bob Moog to his musician-muse Herbert Deutsch, demonstrating some of the first Moog synthesizer prototype’s capabilities, Electronic Voyages veers from avant-garde and electronic soundscapes, to psychedelic madness and summer-of-love pop. In the 1960s, the Moog synthesizer was a new, groundbreaking instrument, and its use was completely uncharted territory. The pioneering use of the Moog on all of these recordings sounds fresh today - you can sense the wide-eyed exploratory delight unfolding, and the disparate results range from endearingly naive (Lothar and the Hand People, Paul Earls) to downright eerie (Ruth White, Intersystems). The musicians and composers behind these Electronic Voyages may have been among the first to adopt Moog synthesizers, but the fact that they so readily found within them expressivity, heart, and a means to translate their wondrous sense of discovery, speaks far more to Bob Moog’s visionary invention and enduring legacy. Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969 is being offered for pre-order via Indiegogo. Now in the final stages of post-production, Electronic Voyager is raising finishing funds in a campaign set to launch on April 29, and will include the limited-to-300-copies white vinyl edition, sure to sell out in pre-order: http://igg.me/at/electronicvoyager
  7. For those in the UK/EU who've been waiting for the vinyl to start showing up in shops over there, it's now in stock at Juno and Rubadub, and should be starting to land everywhere else over the next week or so...
  8. Available to order now: https://rx-101.bandcamp.com/merch After selling out of the BEIGE-vinyl edition of RX-101's "Dopamine" in less than 5 days, we pressed up a new colour-vinyl edition just ahead of our March 22 release date. AQUA BLUE-vinyl limited to 175 copies. We also sold through those "EP 1,2,3,4" tapes in under a week just before Xmas, so we've done another pressing of 40 - available to buy in sets-of-4. I don't expect we'll do another run after this batch sells out. https://rx-101.bandcamp.com/merch
  9. Not quite... In addition to running Suction, I also run a production company called Waveshaper Media. We produced the "I Dream Of Wires" doc, and are currently in post-production on docs about Bob Moog ("Electronic Voyager") and Morton Subotnick ("Subotnick"). One of our Indiegogo rewards for the Subotnick doc was a 50th-anniversary LP reissue of "Silver Apples of the Moon" - also a Waveshaper Media release. I could've put it out as a Suction Records release, but it didn't really make sense to me as far as the label's vision. Anyway, it's been out for a while but I've just started offering it via Rubadub for EU/UK distro. More info here: https://waveshaper.shop/collections/subotnick Back to RX-101..... Another track from Dopamine has been premiered today, via Orb Mag... here's "Helium Spheres": https://soundcloud.com/orbmag/premiere-rx-101-helium-spheres
  10. Good timing?.... (I run Waveshaper Media / Waveshaper TV, btw) Now streaming! Laurie Spiegel - Waveshaper TV Episode 6 (Part 1 of 3: Bell Labs) http://youtu.be/zLd1RUDmX6w ^ how do I embed a video on this forum anyways? ^ This is the first in a 3-part video interview series with the seminal electronic & computer music pioneer. In Part 1, Laurie recounts her years working as an in-house composer, developer, and programmer at Bell Labs. Part 1 - Bell Labs (now streaming) = 9min 16sec Part 2 - Voyager (Jan 28) = 7min 42sec Part 3 - The Expanding Universe (Feb 04) = 7min 53sec The full-length Laurie Spiegel interview is over 50 minutes long - it's practically a mini-documentary! - and it will be available exclusively to our Patreon members, who also get early access to all of our interview video Episodes. You can read up on Waveshaper TV on Patreon, and support our mission to document electronic music history, here: http://patreon.com/waveshapertv
  11. Distributed by Rubadub - usually carried by Juno, Bleep, Clone, and all the other usual suspects. PS I'm working on a way to have an EU "warehouse" so that we can ship out EU orders from there. I've found the guy, now it's just a matter of figuring out the logistics and how to make an online store that can accommodate different shipping rates/zones. Bandcamp certainly can't, so it's going to take some research.... PPS our shipping rates to Europe are actually pretty decent. I guess you don't order many records from the US - you'd likely be paying nearly double what we charge...
  12. Cheers - I agree! The whole album is in a similar vibe and consistent level of quality - truly a stunner! PS UPDATE we're down to 28 copies of the beige vinyl now: http://rx-101.bandcamp.com/album/dopamine
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