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  1. No problem... but just to be clear, you suggested that "Suction" has missed release dates before, and I just need to point out that the issues you're experiencing have nothing to do with Suction. We ship our releases out to distributors and from that point on, how and when it gets to shops etc is totally beyond our control. Sometimes our distributor doesn't actually place the order until days after, or even a week sometimes, after the release date, despite me following up and reminding. They are dealing with A LOT of new records coming out all the time, so it happens. Point is, this is all stuff that's out of our control. Please keep that in mind! If you want to avoid this in the future for Suction releases, buy directly from us instead! Vinyl/CDs (priced in €/shipping from Europe): https://suction-eu.shop Vinyl/CDs (priced in USD/shipping via USPS): https://suction.shop Bandcamp (digital): http://suctionrecords.bandcamp.com
  2. It has nothing to do with Suction. Many people who ordered from us directly received their CD on/near/before the release date. If there are delays in getting to shops, that is to do with distributors, when the shop placed their order, etc. Also please note that you did not order it over a month ago. You pre-ordered it. The release date was Feb 14 so it was never set to ship before then.
  3. Thanks for posting the Shop links... also wanted to mention, that I've also put the digital, as well as limited copies of the vinyl/CD, up on Bandcamp, since so many people seem to prefer it: suctionrecords.bandcamp.com We've also repressed 300 copies of "Dopamine" on vinyl, and those are available there too. I would really prefer to eventually migrate all of our physical merch sales to the above Suction Shop links, so if you don't mind buying from there instead, I appreciate it, and I am 100% willing to send you a Bandcamp download code. I'll just do that manually until I can figure out how to do it automatically. Same goes for any of you who already ordered via Suction Shop -- give me a week or so, and I'll be in touch with all of you who ordered through there to send you a Bandcamp download code. Note, if you are planning to buy the bone-white vinyl from Bleep, last I heard they were down to less than 10 copies (of 200 pressed)... Since adding it to Bandcamp this morning, we've started selling through the olive-green vinyl pretty fast as well. We pressed 300 of those though, so I expect them to last for a little while at least. Here's a pic of the olive-green:
  4. I understand the convenience of that, but the answer is no. Bandcamp is a fantastic platform for digital downloads, but for merch, it is not so ideal for sellers. The way they handle shipping rates is archaic and makes it impossible to set accurate shipping rates. With the new webshop that we're opening, via Shopify, I hope to be able to offer cheaper shipping rates. I may look into a way of giving away Bandcamp download codes with releases in the future, but for now this won't be an option. On our Shopify, physical merch will come with a bundled 320 MP3 download. NOTE: If any of you are inspired enough, because you want for our releases to include Bandcamp download, I would absolutely welcome the research/solution as to how to automatically supply a unique Bandcamp download code with purchase. I did spend a little bit of time looking into this, but I am swamped at the moment setting up the shop in general, and I don't have time to scroll through pages and pages of Shopify forum discussions and links to Shopify plug-ins that may work. If someone can find me a clear solution for how to do this, I would definitely be willing to do it! ..... If you want to help me out with this, please send me an email info @ suctionrecords.com ------- FREE copy of bone-white or olive-green vinyl edition of this new RX-101 2LP for anyone who can steer me to the solution.
  5. We'll no longer be using Bandcamp for physical merch orders. Digital will be available from Bandcamp, but our physical copies will be available through our about-to-launch webshop, with shipping from either Canada or Poland. Direct orders through our shop will also include digital downloads. Hoping to have the new webshop launched very soon - either later (Tues Jan 21) today or tomorrow. The bone-white-vinyl is Bleep exclusive. We'll have our own exclusive colour-vinyl edition as well: army-green.
  6. Bleep.com exclusive! We're giving Bleep first crack on pre-orders for the new RX-101 2LP, "Serenity" - release date Feb.14. Bleep's EXCLUSIVE bone-white-vinyl edition is limited to 200 copies. Act fast! https://bleep.com/release/167546-rx-101-serenity
  7. RX-101 "Serenity" (suction050 2LP/CD/digital). Release date 01/24/2020 - PRE-ORDER link soon.... https://soundcloud.com/suction-records/rx-101-serenity Don't let the title fool you - Suction Records' latest dive into Rx-101's 1997-1999 tape archive is not all lush, serene melodies. On "Serenity," scorched, crunchy, jackhammer beats combine with emotional, plaintive pads, delivering a classic set of vintage-Rephlex-style bliss, a la AFX, Caustic Window, and Cylob.
  8. an update - doesn't look likely that it'll be out until November at the earliest
  9. Hi - new 2LP release out now on Suction Records - Translucent Blue vinyl limited to 200 copies. Fans of early Skam releases (Bola, Jega, etc) take note! https://lowfish.bandcamp.com/album/test-e Originally self-released as a tape under the artist name Pest(e), this 1996 collection of IDM and analog electronics is in fact the debut Lowfish album. Intended as a demo, it caught the attention of infamous UK label Skam —but after months of fruitless phone tag with the label, it was time for Gregory De Rocher to strike out on his own. Dropping his Pest(e) moniker in favour of Lowfish, in 1997 De Rocher co-founded Suction Records with like-minded producer Jason Amm, aka Solvent. While that Test(e) tape wasn’t technically a Suction Records release, it served as the impetus for starting the label, and we’ve always referred to it as catalog # suction000. Fans of mid/late-90s Artificial Intelligence classics from Autechre, Locust, Aphex Twin, u-Ziq, and Bola will recognize those hallmark sounds here, alongside traces of formative influence from Skinny Puppy, OMD, and Tangerine Dream. Recorded live to DAT with a bedroom full of analog classics (Roland Jupiter 6, TR-808, TR-606, Arp Odyssey, Korg MS-20), a sampler, and an arsenal of cheap FX units, the melodies here are lush and addictive, with layers of warm, lo-fi-ish (get it?) grit - often intentional, sometimes just a product of the process. Although largely on the armchair techno tip, the dense drum programming also nods to the burgeoning drum and bass movement, which De Rocher was firmly (but only briefly) obsessed with. For the first time on vinyl and rightfully re-branded as a Lowfish release, we’re thrilled to have Test(e) officially join the Suction Records catalog. cheers, Jason @ Suction Records
  10. 5 days left on our Indiegogo now... the remaining copies of the LP (we're pressing 1000) will be available to buy after the campaign is over, but if you're wanting to grab one of the limited white-vinyl copies, we're now down to 37 copies. It's definitely going to be sold out before the campaign ends... https://igg.me/at/electronicvoyager
  11. It's a vinyl-only release... licensing some of these tracks for digital was too complicated/expensive
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