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  1. Just bought the whole discography eve though I had some already. Guy deserves the cash. Music is amazing. He said some recent releases will be removed/set to private in March.
  2. Finally got to listen to session 1 vinyl. Sounds great. Bqbqbq revealed itself as a good background to the final stage in super paper Mario wii. Haven't otherwise given it a chance.
  3. Never got the FedEx tracking info but the vinyl set came today (USA)
  4. Never listened to any MBM embarrassingly. Gave this a listen today because everyone's rabinf about it really enjoyed it. Liked Rejector, I'm into that static/crunch type sound. Does MBM do other tracks like that? Also liked the sound of unique boutique.
  5. GrampaHugo


    Does anyone here own this on vinyl (Schaft - Visual Cortex promo)? I've got it on CD, but it's never been sold on discogs on wax. I really like that track and would love to own the record. But I'd at least feel good knowing that someone can cherish this record and that they aren't lost to time (destroyed/lost) since there was apparently only 100 printed over 20 years ago.
  6. wonderful, two songs I haven't listened to many times. great excuse to get more familiar.
  7. This song is amazingly uplifting to me. Love listen to it on the drive home from work, gets me back into what's really important...family/self-improvement/etc. Fits with the motif for the cause.
  8. Thanks for doing this AE35Unit!
  9. Forgot that Mané would be going on international duty. Looking at the schedule, assuming no injury and not needing additional rest he'd miss United, Swansea, Chelsea and Hull. Would imagine two of those won't matter. The other two though he'll be sorely missed. Hope he can join back up for the match against Spurs on 2/11. The ACN finals are 2/5.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltIqn832aQk
  11. Not a bad performance from the poor man's squad today.
  12. GrampaHugo


    Has to be all, would be a pretty small net to cast for the phish job if it was just for Autechre. Plus if it was specific for them it would be unnecessary to stream the video of a dark room haha.
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