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  1. I am currently processing Dhalang to be available from Microsoft Store (Windows 8 and Windows 10) as a standalone executable. Yeah, Steam Greenlight was a little far off, but I'm not (yet) very familiar with Windows distribution systems and currently I have no resources/time to build my own system for payments/licenses/updates/taxes/etc.
  2. a throughout review of this app/software, written by microtonalist Warren Burt, appeared on SoundBytes magazine: http://soundbytesmag.net/dhalangmg/
  3. Hello, I thought maybe I could find potential users and other interested folks at this forum for my microtonal algorithmic all-in-one groovebox software that I've been developing last 4 years. It is a sort of community project where new features get added by user requests and feedback. Here is an "official" press info about the software/app: There has been a lot of discussion about Dhalang at the Audiobus forum, mostly by iOS users and I am looking the same with Mac users. I am myself more of a Mac user but I don't really use other programs/systems than Logic and diy. If this post is a too much of an advert, please tell me and I will change it or move it accordingly.
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