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  1. I'm so washed out by PLUS that I thought you asked for n Cur and sent you a PM… 🤭 So… your joke kind of worked. Let's wait for 2020.11.20 + shipping + leaking !! Still not fan of merch. white hoodies are great, but the green band…
  2. each track is the best. incredible
  3. PLUS didn't come with 1 month of growing expectations to sound disappointing enough, just a weak color speculation that realised. So SIGN was better.
  4. Japanese bonus track is so stupid. I don't understand why we can't buy it on autechre store, bleep or bandcamp. It is from another time, really… Result : we’ll all finish to have it at his marginal cost instead of toss a coin into the guys (and warp) pocket.
  5. So I’m not the only one definitely obsessed by psin AM.
  6. Why do you collect them ? very neutral, non-polemical question from a curious guy who bought SIGN LP without having a turntable
  7. It's a loose convention, but capitalized variables are often constants you'll find on top of programs. Maybe I speculate too much, but the sentence makes sense. I still don't get why people read that as an abbreviation. I hear clearly that's it's kind of a… start of something they don't want to talk about ?
  8. For me it's the initial asSIGNment of a variable. That's why my heart gantzgrafed when i read this sentence.
  9. About psin AM, I'm the first to be surprised to go crazy about this track. It shoudn't be my thing. I ask myself the same question listening to it more and more. It doesn't lack any details, there is so much evolving during the track. Some are really far, almost hidden (but in a different way than what we are used to). Others are so intrusive that they are barely discernible and you can miss them if you are focused too much on the background. And melody is sublime. What a stange mood ! Same for th red a. Weird but… I found myself head dancing several times. It's just too short,
  10. i like the comparison. Hit me hard this morning while working/reading/writing Meticulous listening at night yesturday was a wonderfull experience. This is an almost figurative travel, even if i don't know what it figures exacly. psin AM is turning to be my fav. The background is so vast
  11. First listen : Easy and disappointing. Dark/sad album. Those annoying (lazy ?) chords… Second listen : such a subtle and well balanced album ! Both micro details and macro coherence blown me. F7, si00, au14, Metaz form8 and sch.mefd 2 are splendid tracks. The overall album is beautiful from start to finish. And so much to hear again. Metaz form8 !!!!! (makes me log in)
  12. I’m surprised nobody answered to this topic yet. This release his really good, never boring and often surprising. Very clean and precise sound, with interesting textures. I love both the diversity and the global consistency of the compilation. Deserves to dig into ! Give it a try. Thanks to DSPH
  13. Thanks for posting the recording ! It was a good gig. The place was way better exploited than in Berlin Atonal this summer (was there the evening with Yves de Mey), light and sound, and people were cool and here for AE, clearly. [ Just been a little disturbed by a girl who recorded all the show...and talking at the same time ! (whyyyy ?)] I didn't appreciate Haswell on Brussels 2015, but really liked it at Kraftwerk. It was perfect here, in a power station with lot of white light. I found AE set different than Ghent. Harder at the beginning, less quiet moments. I think it's linked
  14. Yep, those things !! Brutal and funny ! Do they play that every nights ? Nothing specific except tour posters and Tshirts with One-Six Tour. Vinyl repress, CDs (Oversteps, Exai...lego feet and some other skam releases), Haswell white shirt.
  15. Sub0


    Cathedral ? You can't imagine how true it is :D (orga(n|smic) sounds. Yesturday, at Tourcoing, it was soooo far from what they produced tonight ! So many emotions. 1 true hour. 3 days to recover ! Now, waiting for the soundboards (an berlin)
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