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  1. L3 CTRL strongly reminds me of Fold4,Wrap5.
  2. This is not the end. There are still concerts to come, that wouldn't make sense. It's just an epic end of NTS 1-4.
  3. wetgelis casual interval deserves to be mentioned. It's melted into my cerebellum in the last few days. aemotionally my current fav.
  4. Helsinki Live 2016 @55:28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX8NMaGEs6g Tilapia live version Vancouver 1998 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFSI9IiEWwc AE_LIVE_NAGANO 01:10 - 03:00
  5. Timothy

    Most Evil Ae Moment?

    "pendulu hv moda" @ ~7:08
  6. hm..always had the feeling that their musical genius is totally underrated.
  7. Here's another one. Unfortunately just 45 minutes - the security caught me too ;) I was unsure to share an incomplete recording but the quality worth it I think. That bass is immense, just use an EQ. Please don't re-share or something. https://mega.nz/#!1koBlTSZ!VVub_TlkT368V2ZHiWnzQ6rBlNP0Yefd2C4Y1gqi_Pk - location: Doornroosje, Nijmegen / NL - date: 2016-11-22 - record mode: PCM [email protected] - downsampled to 48KHz - converted to flac - no mastering
  8. Oh no, thought they just catched me. I also have just 45min. :) Seems that they swarmed out at the same time. Thanks for the record!
  9. Just a little (17s) random snippet from the nijmegen gig. Someone knows which track it is? https://mega.nz/#!0hJwwbyJ!3y0W5WRtuCtJL_1YRuQ5aIrolaFcVUrJU8VyMU3Taxc
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