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  1. https://ikunixx.bandcamp.com/album/dougga This was posted over in the Ae reddit thread a while back and it’s exceptionally good. I’ve been falling down the rabbit hole of this artist for days and it’s been refreshing and exciting. Edit: Menarik is heat
  2. this is the hardest I've gonked laughed in weeks. Jesus.
  3. What in the christ is happening in my life right now.
  4. NTS Session 4 just got leaked, hope this link doesn't go down immediately
  5. whatdoesitallmean! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!!Well everyone knows this is brand new AutechreBut what YouTube pre-supposes is... what if it isn’t?? I .... I think I might've picked the wrong month to stop sniffing glue.
  6. I'm glad someone in here has maintained their sanity
  7. I had to vote 32a_reflected, but I'm amazed that carefree counter dronal doesn't have any votes. I think it's absolutely stunning.
  8. I think it might be the best thing I've ever heard. Jesus Christ, 'chre.
  9. l3 ctrl + carefree counter dronal has melted my face off.
  10. I'm going through the exact same struggle this morning. It seems like a dumb purchase since I don't have a player (yet), but I want them and I literally want to throw my money at them. Hard. I want to hurl cash into their faces.
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