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  1. just heard the SP set and holy moly
  2. I'm glad WATMM is back up so we can talk about Aphex Twin when his set goes live!
  3. new aphex twin!
  4. I really like the discord, but o understand why everyone has advocated for CHATMM. I have been keeping the discord room alive and building a character in there for the past 3 years -- please don't get rid of it! Wow!!!
  5. https://i.redd.it/yx2ut67khst21.jpg
  6. Going to this. I've seen Ultrav and damogen tour, never dj. it would be amazing for him to potentially drop the classics.
  7. After party hangouts still going on with PBOD, d3ld0t, Omnii, Kattin, dextro, and Obed. Come through to the afterparty tonight at market hotel
  8. He pitched it down for the beginning and I thought it sounded leagues better than the original. Maybe it was also because he washed it in with another track.
  9. Who else saw Ohneotrix Point Never on the Syro heads part? He must be flipping out about it. Haven't checked twitter to see if he knows he was on there.
  10. which aleksi track was that? https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/track/uk74r1721031-2 Must of just missed you Lopez. Would of said hi if I saw you or bumped into you. Until next time:)
  11. Amazing set. Great to meet some new faces. Loved the faces, the lasers and good sound too.
  12. Reporting from the pit. Opener Aeisha? Is really good. Downtempo industrial stuff. Good night so far.
  13. Shit is more imminent now than my last post see you all there. If anyone wants to meet up DM me.
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