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  1. https://soundcloud.com/the-automatics-group/every-track-from-ministry-of-sound-miami-sessions-2012cd-1-see-description I want to live in a world where this really is released by Ministry. under Links
  2. the brooklyn set was awesome. got to see many acquaintances again (good seeing you dr. lopez once again... this is like the 4th time i think, very honest, and of course goiter). sweguno's opening set was excellent. really chill downbeat idm tracks with some fast kicks somewhere in the middle. really a good complementary opening to the seefeel set. had a fancy chat with goiter at the merch table as well (talked about everything between autechre, meeting venetian snares, the tour, and music, think sarah was there too). seefeel was of course excellent, played classics as well as material i never heard of before. gonna upload videos i took of the sweguno set and seefeel set and post them here when i get around to it.
  3. was debating on going until i saw this. ticket get.
  4. tom's getting old man, he looked so much younger when i saw him in 2013
  5. Thanks don, if anyone else here could confirm on getting me 2 of these shirts , PLEASE DM ME :)
  6. Could a delighted soul help me get 2 colored Collapse Aphex T-shirts size Medium from this show if possible? I know London had a green one and Coachella had a green one. I am looking for the ones that look like this: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/APHEX-TWIN-Collapse-Tour-Shirt-Small-Boards-Of-Canada-Warp-Frank-Ocean-Orbital-/183844386006 In either color would be awesome. I would of course pay you for your efforts. :) Let me know :)
  7. what a good set. every new track was afx how does he do it? i also saw the glitter dude from field day towards the beginning
  8. just heard the SP set and holy moly
  9. I'm glad WATMM is back up so we can talk about Aphex Twin when his set goes live!
  10. new aphex twin!
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