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  1. I didn't expect that track at all. When I saw him in the past, he usually did albums song for song in order. Throwing Venus into a DF set was surprising and I think caught everyone off guard.
  2. Here's my creep shot. Sorry Richard. It's for the WATMMs https://youtu.be/javrw8f70pQ
  3. I really want to go to this. I really need to become... self-employed ... so I can schedule more time for these festivals...
  4. cool meetin you pbod

  5. I would go to this, only if DfN didn't wipe out my bank account.
  6. I'm going to start uploading my camera roll to Dropbox and paste the link here tomorrow evening. Anyone else can do the same. I'd like to see what shots people got of the festival.
  7. Hey Casey! It was awesome being there with you.
  8. So awesome to meet such great and kind people. The music was beyond excellent and one high thing off the bucket list. Thank you all for the awesome times and VIP access phonic boy. We never failed once!
  9. Exciting stuff. Currently at the airport waiting for my flight. See some of you tonight!
  10. We're probably all meeting up tomorrow at Prefix. Join the Discord chat. https://discordapp.com/invite/gWn8S5U Here is the link again for those who are lazy.
  11. Looks like the weather will be borderline jacket weather - 70 F with 95% humidity (yuk) around 11 PM: https://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=pws:KTXHOUST507 I was really hoping it would be colder... gonna bring a light jacket just to look cool Read the FAQ. It says to bring winter friendly items. You can also bring in a light backpack to carry things you don't want to carry. Plus you can use it as a personal bubble increaser ;)
  12. Does it not allow you in the chat room? I just tested the link I posted before and it let me in no problem. Make sure you are logged into Discord. If it doesn't work, try a different web browser. Also, try logging into the chat through a desktop/laptop computer.
  13. To try to find a resolution for communication during the festival, I started a Discord chat room for keeping in touch for the festival. Discord is a All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers/WATMMers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. What's nice about is you don't have to post your phone number, real name, and any other personal info that you want to keep secure. Just setup an account and join this chat room: https://discord.gg/gWn8S5U
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