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  1. ? ..... fuck me. ..... Thanks for posting that. ..... crazy. wonder how many hours has been dumped into it....
  2. Chris Douglas (Amhain, Rook Vallade, Scald Rougish, Dalglish, O.S.T., ect...) has posted a BUNCH of music in the last 6 months too.... He just released a track yesterday under his 'Ahmain' pseudonym.... "Frstjm2020" - with the description "First run of new system, new year" .... 8 n a half minutes of BADASSNESS! https://amhain.bandcamp.com/music
  3. Fuck'n hell, I can't post this properly... Here.... link... https://lecabanonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/pluvi-se
  4. This is pretty badass...!! Thnx for sharin' stonin' it. =D
  5. Until I hear otherwise, I'm operating under the assumption that yes, yes they are.
  6. I think it's awesome, and a testament to how fucking amazing AE's music is.... we have here, multiple people working on recreating a partially improvised set from the duo and it's taking them MANY months to try and capture the same output. not only is it incredibly respectable that these guys all decided to try and take this challenge on, but also, if they manage to complete it--- we'll have in our hands (/ears) something that will be as close as we will get to a piece of magnificent art that we've all been craving for over a decade. By all means:;: take all the time you need to get it right. And if you don't manage to do it, none of us have lost anything and you'll most likely end up with a bunch of knowledge about music production that you didn't have a year ago. =D again, thank you to all involved parties, as well as AE for sharing these files in the first place. .... so freak'n cool.
  7. =X i know someone's (or a lot of someones) going to revoke my AE Fanclub Membership got saying this, but Bladelores has never really done it for me. I think it's one of the weakest tracks on EXAI. =/ I still think EXAI is (and will probably always be) a top 3 album in my AE favorites list.... but.... <shrug> maybe it's because I don't really click much with their first two albums.... and Bladelores seems to have the same kind of atmospheric feeling (again, just IMO, I'm sure many others feel very differently)... alright.... let the 'LET'S BASH HK FOR BEING A RIDICULOUS, PATHETIC, SMALL DICKED SOD!!!!' posting begin!! =D
  8. .... can I say <^> you and your 68 copies of Untilted without it being taken poorly? JFC, man.... =P thanks for the background info, I was a little curious about why vinyl has seemed to have a major resurgence in the last decade....
  9. Finally revisiting this after taking a break when the Warp Tapes came out and HOLY ? FUCK! I'd type out what I consider all of the badass tracks, but you would all just see a listing of 3/4 of the album. =P <whispering> but t1a1, north spiral, xflood, violvoic, e0, 9 chr0, tt1pd, nineFly, icari and shimripl casual ALL sound FUCK. ING. MIND. BLOWING through headphones with the volume cranked up to 9/10. Seriously, they bend fucking space and time and can take you back to witness the beginning of the Universe. =X
  10. https://boomkat.com/products/mechanosphere
  11. Hk47


    There's muffled lion poof farts buried throughout the whole album too... gotta have a keen attention to detail, but every 47 seconds or so, you'll be able to hear it. Just.... this little ***fffft* cat fart, followed by Sean whispering 'Lion' in a vocoded sample that Rob added enough reverb and distortion to so that it fits alongside the percussion, usually a bongo type sound.
  12. Tried to edit but didn't make it in time.... Sorry, that ^^^^^^^ is not an excited post.... That is more of a.... "WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!?!?!!!" kind of 'rage post'. I'm definitely going to need to be in the correct (and, unfortunately for me, VERY RARE) frame of mind in order to even begin to get into this..... Maybe it's just because of the memories I have incorporated into MOE and FFE, but.... it feels like the undertones of reality and seriousness and..... earth shattering beauty that can be found within complete and utter devastation are not hiding anywhere here. And that is just straight discouraging. I hope it clicks, but..... damnit, man. Fucking damnit.
  13. <sigh> goddamnit. Hate seeing Facebook/Twitter/reddit-esque shit go down here on WATMM.... =/
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