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  1. Hi people selling my two copies of Various ‎– Colundi Every0ne limited edition records. sadly i need to support a family member and need to part way with my records https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1437517156 UK shipping only! Take care :)
  2. Ello, I’ve been checking WATMM for over 6 years. I want to thank you all for creating such an incredible environment. I’ve been a huge Aphex/AE fan for around 10 years now. I think I came across drukqs in Woolworths believe it or not. The moment I heard Vordoshbn so much changed for me I’ve been to Cornwall loads to visited the sites from the names of tracks and pretty much spent everyday since listening to his music. I was fortunate enough to travel to Berlin with my girlfriend to see Aphex live, we met 5 months ago and we’ve been in relationship for 3 months, in love also :) but sadly on our
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