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  1. plaintext and json versions but if you get that tool on github you can render video of the json [6-5-22] 06 - 41.13 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.txt [6-5-22] 06 - 41.13 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.json [6-5-22] 05 - 44.13 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.txt [6-5-22] 05 - 44.13 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.json [6-5-22] 04 - 1.05.55 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.txt [6-5-22] 04 - 1.05.55 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.json [6-5-22] 03 - 0.29 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.txt [6-5-22] 03 - 0.29 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.json [6-5-22] 02 - 1.40.45 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.txt [6-5-22] 02 - 1.40.45 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.json [6-5-22] 01 - 57.17 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.txt [6-5-22] 01 - 57.17 - 4utechre - QUICK AMA - Chat.json
  2. https://github.com/lay295/TwitchDownloader well if anyone needs it, this works
  3. it's nice he reads out the questions but does anyone have a transcript of the whole twitch chat, would love to look at the reactions to the answers as they happened. i know i can still watch the VODs and see it scroll by but if anyone's got a static copy it would be nice. or maybe i'll try to get it if no one has yet...
  4. Eeeesh i think i like this better than the album version. How'd he do that?
  5. Guesstimate: machinedrum+monomachine in a single box with upgraded features
  6. thanksss. i thought i'd scoured every page
  7. agh did you happen to youtube-dl them the way you did for kxh @manmower?
  8. KXH has moved up to 444, but many of the earlier ones have been deleted. mysterioso
  9. i took the same path in 2016, but then sold the micro. wish i still had both.
  10. can you talk about the appeal of video synths from your perspective? i want to mess with video stuff, but the synthesis side seems really sterile and boring (from my limited perspective), i'd much rather 'sample' and affect existing video. can you post a mindblowing video example to change my mind pls?
  11. I dunno ... I think i do hear what you mean, it's a similar interval. Mid tone, rise, then fall below the mid tone. Repeat. I could prolly work it out if i had a keyboard in front of me. edit: maybe the third tone is between the first and second actually.. at least in dummy
  12. * cr-1604 I have a tascam 424, but the mkii version, going to be using them together. i ripped the sysex of those corrupted tx81z patches. the preset banks seem to work correctly but the user bank, bank I, has all the titles corrupted and most of the tones are unusable. not sure what i had in there to begin with though, as it's been almost a decade since i last used it. found this quote on gearslutz: sounds like a special feature to me...
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