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  1. Guesstimate: machinedrum+monomachine in a single box with upgraded features
  2. Polymershapes

    XHK - XH HX

    thanksss. i thought i'd scoured every page
  3. Polymershapes

    XHK - XH HX

    agh did you happen to youtube-dl them the way you did for kxh @manmower?
  4. Polymershapes

    XHK - XH HX

    KXH has moved up to 444, but many of the earlier ones have been deleted. mysterioso
  5. i took the same path in 2016, but then sold the micro. wish i still had both.
  6. can you talk about the appeal of video synths from your perspective? i want to mess with video stuff, but the synthesis side seems really sterile and boring (from my limited perspective), i'd much rather 'sample' and affect existing video. can you post a mindblowing video example to change my mind pls?
  7. I dunno ... I think i do hear what you mean, it's a similar interval. Mid tone, rise, then fall below the mid tone. Repeat. I could prolly work it out if i had a keyboard in front of me. edit: maybe the third tone is between the first and second actually.. at least in dummy
  8. * cr-1604 I have a tascam 424, but the mkii version, going to be using them together. i ripped the sysex of those corrupted tx81z patches. the preset banks seem to work correctly but the user bank, bank I, has all the titles corrupted and most of the tones are unusable. not sure what i had in there to begin with though, as it's been almost a decade since i last used it. found this quote on gearslutz: sounds like a special feature to me...
  9. i'm really into this mackie 1504 mixer i picked up. best distortion pedal ever. hooked up the tx81z after years of disuse and the battery is dying, all my old user patches are corrupted. most just give high pitched squeals and don't respond to midi, but others are gloriously crushed digital things that make the best drum sounds with just a barest sequencing, just note-on at different octaves, can usually get a whole kits worth from one patch. broken fm drums through the mackie = my new sound
  10. that sounds great. looks like they're sold out now. mine should arrive by late saturday. i've been messing with the microtonic vst demo in the meantime. it's almost too easy to make it sound good.
  11. Polymershapes

    elseq 1-5

    max on tri rep? that seems early. what track?
  12. Not sure how to edit my post but the price is too high, it should be $350 plus shipping. Thanks
  13. $375 + actual postage. or local pickup. Includes a functional power adapter (not original) I've had the little guy for a couple of months and fell in love, but needed more. So I bought a G1! Now I need to sell it to defray the costs. Offering it here for about a week before going to ebay/Craigslist. That recent ekt thread inspired me to get them in the first place... So fun I almost want to keep both, but need the money. Pm any questions or bids. Thanks
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