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  1. LP repress is coming: (From latest P Mu newsletter)
  2. Thanks for putting the light on this!
  3. I love this record. Chosen cut:
  4. I was waiting for this to be available for streaming. The performance was from earlier this month.
  5. First listen was saying ''it's OK'' but it's growing. Loving the opener, along ''Topaz".
  6. Both of her albums on Mu are gorgeous. Scurlage is really average and forgettable. I don't get how it ended in Bleep best of the year list. But it's not like this was essential...
  7. When listening to ''HYbr:ID oval blackhole'', I think it's clear he has used the sounds from VIGO/LIGO capturing for the first time the signal of 2 black holes merging together.
  8. I saw her in 2016 during the BOZAR night in Brussels, and I remember it as wonderful performance.
  9. Her first album is coming, finally! 1. Labyrinth 2. Darklite 3. Topaz 4. Silk 5. Arctis 6. Blade 7. Elysian Heights 8. Freefall 9. Bird Strike SKY H1 presents her long-awaited debut album, Azure, on AD 93. The widespread success of her first EPs and appearances captured the blurring lines between her foundational experiences in drum and bass, grime, dubstep, and techno, all tilted towards schematic bursts of pop. Azure builds on these foundations and explores a delicate medley of experiences, forms, and functions, culminating in an imaginative and evocative debut album. The title, Azure, was chosen to evoke memories of her mother, to whom the record is dedicated. The song titles reference the Access Virus synthesiser, an instrument series that made a deep and lasting impression on dance and electronic music in the early years of the new millennium. https://sky-h1.bandcamp.com/album/azure
  10. Upcoming album too, which wasn't supposed to land on Planet Mu. But finally...
  11. Finally it has appeared on https://noton.info/product/n-056/
  12. Now that I've seen the film, I felt this was some of the best music Hans Zimmer has ever done.
  13. I was wondering what he was becoming after his releases on Token. I'll give this a play of course! Is the EP released 2 months ago worth a listen?
  14. ''Hey'' is so great, but the whole album stands out.
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